OSD Staff Directory

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NameEmailPosition at Location (phone)
Abadi, Marcela mabadi@osd.wednet.edu Principal at LES (360.596.6405)
Abbasi, Huda K. habbasi@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Abrams, Julia K. jabrams@osd.wednet.edu HES
Acacio, Sara J. sacacio@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Ack, Nicole S. nack@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Adams, Colleen cadams@osd.wednet.edu Paraaeductor at CHS
Adams, Juanita E. jadams@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Adams, Karen A. kadams@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at AHS (360.596.7920)
Adams, Ryan J. radams@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Adams, Todd E. tadams@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Adamson, Finan O. fadamson@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Adderley, Sarah sadderley@osd.wednet.edu RES (360.596.6765)
Aguilar, Adrianne R. aaguilar@osd.wednet.edu OSD
AguonMang, Devyna M. daguonmang@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Ahern, Tim C. tahern@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Alexander, Devin E dalexander@osd.wednet.edu LPBES (360.596.6800)
Allaire, Elizabeth J. eallaire@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7079)
Allen, Nicole L. nallen@osd.wednet.edu GES
Allen, Vince vallen@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Allende-Espinosa, Luis A. lallendeespinosa@osd.wednet.edu LES
Allison, Danielle C. dallison@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Allison, Greg gallison@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS, MCKES (360.596.3000)
Alonso, Joseph jalonso@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8201)
Alvarado, Sara A. salvarado@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.6800)
Ames, Natalie W. names@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Ames, Vicki vames@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7035)
Amidon, Benjamin P. bpamidon@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Anders, Jennifer B. janders@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Anders, Paul panders@osd.wednet.edu Principal at WMS (360.596.3005)
Anderson, Burke banderson@osd.wednet.edu JAMS Teacher at JMS (360.596.3267)
Anderson, Cami Louise andersoc@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8355)
Anderson, Janet janderson1@osd.wednet.edu Registrar at CHS (360.596.8023)
Anderson, Jim jvanderson@osd.wednet.edu Graduation Specialist at CHS (360.596.8029)
Anderson, Michelle manderson@osd.wednet.edu Asstistant Principal at CHS (360.596.8012)
Anderson, Theresa M. tanderson@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Teacher at BHES (360.596.6352)
Andreassen, Dianne E. dandreassen@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Andreassen, Eric D. eandreassen@osd.wednet.edu Social Services Coordinator at OSD
Andrews, Donna dandrews@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS (360.596.7276)
Anthony, Suzanne S. santhony@osd.wednet.edu Occupational Therapist at GES (360.596.6800)
Apostol, Corazon M. capostol@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Applequist, Yann L. yapplequist@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Arbuckle, Patricia Jane parbuckle@osd.wednet.edu Teacher-Librarian at HES (360.596.7402)
Archer, Jennifer A jarcher@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MCLES, LPBES (360.596.6600)
Arendt, Giles S. garendt@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
Arevalo, Daniel Sr. darevalosr@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Arevalo, Daniel Jr. darevalojr@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Armstrong, Brianna M. barmstrong@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Arnett, Mimi marnett@osd.wednet.edu OHS, MES, GES
Arnold, Wade A. warnold@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Arroyo, Efren earroyo@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION (360.596.7703)
Ashenhurst, Noah A. nashenhurst@osd.wednet.edu Teacher Consultant at ORLA (360.596.7741)
Askew, Lisa Kathleen laskew@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8387)
Aust, Lylas Rae laust@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RES, MCKES
Autry, Adela C. aautry@osd.wednet.edu Kindergarten Teacher at LPBES (360.596.6800)
Avden, Louis W. lavden@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Ayre, Joann L jayre@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8479)
Backman, Julie J. jbackman@osd.wednet.edu PES
Bailey, Brenda R. bbailey@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Bailey, Maurine mbailey@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MMS (360.596.7660)
Baird, David dbaird@osd.wednet.edu Network Systems Admin at OSD (360.596.6175)
Baird, Erika E.M. ebaird@osd.wednet.edu Lead Cook at MES (360.596.6307)
Baker, Cheryl M. chbaker@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Admin. Professional at OSD (360.596.7759)
Baker, Craig M. cbaker@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Baker, Donald dbaker@osd.wednet.edu PE Teacher at JMS
Baker, Jacob jabaker@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3218)
Baker, Jenifer jbaker@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at OSD (360.596.6592)
Baker, Lance C. lbaker@students.osd.wednet.edu OHS
Baker, Maureen J. mbaker@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Baker, Scott sbaker@osd.wednet.edu Information Technology Specialist at OSD (360.596.6172)
Scott E. Baker scottbaker@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Baker, Tanya M. tbaker@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Bakewell, John R. jbakewell@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Balderston, Carolyn D. cbalderston@osd.wednet.edu Autism Teacher at CES
Ball, Darek J. dball@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Ball, Steven D. sball@osd.wednet.edu SSC, TRANS
Baranski, Jim P. jibaranski@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at OHS (360.596.6800)
Baranski, John jbaranski@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3077)
Barber, Laura lbarber@osd.wednet.edu Third Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6551)
Barker, Pam pbarker@osd.wednet.edu Assistant to the Superintendent at OSD (360.596.6114)
Barkis, Cara L. cbarkis@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Barnes, Jacque jbarnes@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at OSD (360.596.6552)
Barnes, Tamara tbarnes@osd.wednet.edu CES (360.596.8304)
Barre, De Anne dbarre@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8412)
Barrett, Anne C. abarrett@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Barrett, Fran A fbarrett@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7459)
Bartlett, Brett A. bbartlett@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Bartlett, Kara M. kbartlett@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Bassett, Ed ebassett@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7252)
Batta, Ritu rbatta@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Baxter, Kirsten R. krbaxter@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Teacher at BHES
Baxter, Michelle P. mbaxter@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES
Bea, Haley hbea@students.osd.wednet.edu CHS
Beard, Rachel rbeard@osd.wednet.edu Office Professional at CHS (360.596.8015)
Beattie, Andrew J. abeattie@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Beattie, Kathryn kbeattie@osd.wednet.edu GES
Beattie, William bbeattie@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7253)
Beck, Alan R. abeck@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Beck, Brenda J. bbeck@osd.wednet.edu Office Administrator at AHS (360.596.7910)
Beekmann, Virginia G. vbeekmann@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Beers, Amanda R. abeers@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Beeson, Wayne wbeeson@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7255)
Bell, Linda A. lbell@osd.wednet.edu GES
Bellande, Steve P. sbellande@osd.wednet.edu Teacher/Athletic Director at CHS (360.596.8070)
Belson, Kendra P. kbelson@osd.wednet.edu PES
Benfield, Lyndsey M. lbenfield@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Benjamins, Kim kbenjamins@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3000)
Benner, Alan abenner@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC (360.596.6500)
Benner, Davy Ken dbenner@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MCKES (360.596.7000)
Bennett, Cathy cabennett@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7653)
Bennett, Christopher L. cbennett@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
Bennett, Kristineux kbennett@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Benson, Mimi bensonmk@osd.wednet.edu RES (360.596.6752)
Benson, Tamsen S. tbenson@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Beraun, Anna aberaun@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Bergeson, Anchana abergeson@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Bergholz, Barb bergholzb@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES
Berglund, Diana dberglun@osd.wednet.edu RES
Berhitoe, Ineke Saulina iberhitoe@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Beswick, Rebecca Lynn bbeswick@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES (360.596.6600)
Bickel, Karen kbickel@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at JMS (360.596.3219)
Bidot, Pedro bidotp@osd.wednet.edu SSC (360.596.7808)
Bigelow, Ron rbigelow@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3461)
Billings, Connie S. cbillings@osd.wednet.edu MES
Billings, Jennifer Lynn jbillings@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Teacher at LPBES (360.596.6956)
Bjork, Marita A rbjork@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7460)
Bjorklund, Jane jbjorklund@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3107)
Black, Liberty R. lblack@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Black-Walker, Libby J. lblackwalker@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Blake, Dale A. dblake@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Blanchard, Cheryl Rae cblanchard@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6421)
Blankenship, Dave dablankenship@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Blankenship, Joyce jblankenship@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Blodgett, Audree M. ablodgett@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Bloom, Connie cbloom@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at OSD (360.596.8008)
Bodeutsch, Megan R. mbodeutsch@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Boe, Jodi jboe@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3109)
Boelts, Jennifer L. jboelts@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at CHS (360.596.8197)
Joseph M. Boertmann jboertmann@osd.wednet.edu Music Teacher at OHS
Bogart, Roxanne Marie rbogart@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at BHES (360.596.6200)
Bogden, Doug K. dbogden@osd.wednet.edu Technology at MMS (360.596.8032)
Boisvert, Alicia A. aboisvert@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Bolles, Rebecca rbolles@osd.wednet.edu Psychologist at JMS, GES (360.596.6900)
Bond, Teresa tbond@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Bond, Thomas H. thbond@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3079)
Bonds, Kristi kbonds@osd.wednet.edu Librarian at CHS (360.596.8037)
Bonnell, Lorrie L. lbonnell@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Boucher, Nicole R. nboucher@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Bounkeua, Penny P. pbounkeua@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Bove, Steven J. sbove@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8096)
Bowers, Joshua jbowers@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Bowser, Darwin F. dbowser@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Bowser, Suzanne K. sbowser@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Boyer, Kelly J. kboyer@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Boysen, Ericka eboysen@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at JMS (360.596.3265)
Bozeman, Nadine E. nbozeman@osd.wednet.edu Choir Teacher at JMS, RES, MCKES, LPBES (360.596.3212)
Bracken, Leah lbracken@osd.wednet.edu GES
Braford, Tiffany M. tbraford@osd.wednet.edu HES
Brandon, Rayna A. rbrandon@osd.wednet.edu First Grade Teacher at RES (360.596.6500)
Bratager, James A. jbratager@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Bratt, Stanley sbratt@osd.wednet.edu OHS, OHSCTE (360.596.7257)
Brewer, Timothy tbrewer@osd.wednet.edu ORLA (360.596.8485)
Brickell, Adam abrickell@osd.wednet.edu Speech Language Pathologist at MCL, MCLES
Briggs, Lynn Marie lbriggs@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8490)
Brock, Anthony R. abrock@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Brock, Rachel Diane rbrock@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Broderick, Kim D. kbroderick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8160)
Bronson, Tim J. tjbronson@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Brotherton, Jennifer S. jbrotherton@osd.wednet.edu Principal/Curriculum Director at BHES
Brown, Anne R. arbrown@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Brown, Darienne K. dbrown@students.osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Brown, John L. brownjol@osd.wednet.edu TRANS (360.596.7722)
Brown, Stacy E. sbrown@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS, MCKES
Brownell, Stephanie stbrownell@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Professional at OSD (360.596.7410)
Brownsmith, Alexander I. abrownsmith@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Brungardt, Johanna J. jbrungardt@osd.wednet.edu SLP at WMS
Bryan, Daniel dbryan@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7259)
Buchholz, Janet L. jbuchholz@osd.wednet.edu Intervention Specialist at HES, GES (360.596.6900)
Buckland, Marnie mbuckland@osd.wednet.edu Library Office Professional at CHS (360.596.8038)
Buggs, Melanie S. mbuggs@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at JMS (360.596.3200)
Bullion, Kimberly S. kbullion@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS (360.596.7058)
Burch, Barbara A. bburch@osd.wednet.edu Helper/Server at CHS (360.596.8007)
Bures, Brett A. bbures@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Burke, Paula pburke@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at JMS (360.596.3200)
Burkett, Darla K. dburkett@osd.wednet.edu GES
Burman, Alice aburman@osd.wednet.edu Assessment Director at OSD (360.596.8542)
Burnham, Colleen R. cburnham@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Burris, Debra dburris@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Burroughs, Candyce cburroughs@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3111)
Burstein, Adina aburstein@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Bush, Jennifer jbush@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7261)
Bushman, Don J. dbushman@osd.wednet.edu Social Studies Teacher at JMS (360.596.3274)
Butler, Malia K. mbutler@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Butler, Peggy pbutler@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8543)
Byrne, Rebecca rbyrne@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Byrne, Timothy tbyrne@osd.wednet.edu Capital Planning & Construction Supervisor at OSD (360.596.8564)
Cabe, Marilyn mcabe@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Caffey, Samuel M. scaffey@osd.wednet.edu MMS, MCKES
Cain, Cassandra ccain@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Calhoon, Julia S. calhoonjs@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Caling, Charles L. ccaling@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Campbell, Helen campbellhk@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7533)
Campbell, Tricia Maria tcampbell@osd.wednet.edu Student Support Teacher at MCKES (360.596.6900)
Campeau, Mark mcampeau@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Camus, Damon camusde@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Camus, Mikel A. mcamus@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Camus, Susan Anne scamus@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CES (360.596.6643)
Caranci, Leann M lcaranci@osd.wednet.edu MCLES (360.596.6684)
Caranci, Samantha P. scaranci@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Carbonneau, Linda M lcarbonneau@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at RES, CES, GES (360.596.6904)
Cardwell, Kerrie kcardwell@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Carlson, Breanna L. blcarlson@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Carlson, Leanne D. lcarlson@osd.wednet.edu CES
Carlson, Tim carlson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8214)
Carpenter, Jeff jcarpent@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8544)
Carpenter, Wendy wcarpenter@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at OHS (360.596.7000)
Carras, Mark mcarras@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC (360.596.6413)
Cavagnaro, Amara A. acavagnaro@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Cavanaugh, Ellen M. ecavanaugh@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3084)
Cereghino, Jan jcereghi@osd.wednet.edu Fourth Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6553)
Chamberlain, Gordon gchamberlain@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at RMS (360.596.3494)
Chamberlin, Ruth A. rchamberlin@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Champion, Karina E. kchampion@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Champlin, Debra L. dchamplin@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Chan, Kate kchan@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7264)
Chandler, Samantha schandler@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.3000)
Chang, Emily Y. echang@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Chaplin, Kimberly Y. kchaplin@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Chaquette, Kathleen M. kchaquette@osd.wednet.edu Human Resources Officer at OSD (360.596.6185)
Charette, Melissa V. mcharette@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Charette, Taylor A. tcharette@osd.wednet.edu LES
Chase, Nancy nchase@osd.wednet.edu Head Cook at GES (360.596.6908)
Chatman, Ashley N. achatman@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Chavez, Kanina Marie kchavez@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MCKES, BHES (360.596.6261)
Chernoff, John P. jchernoff@osd.wednet.edu Performing Arts Center Manager at JMS, OHS (360.596.7019)
Chertok, Brendon bchertok@osd.wednet.edu Principal at GES (360.596.8405)
Chertok, Rachele R. rchertok@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7469)
Chiaravalloti, Joe jchiaravalloti@osd.wednet.edu Technology at WMS, TRANSPORTATION, TRANS, MCKES, CES
Ching, Leslie KS. lching@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Chipman, Jody L. jchipman@osd.wednet.edu HES
Christiansen, David christiansendl@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Christoffer, Smith C. schristoffer@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Cunningham, Christopher ccunningham@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MMS (360.596.7657)
Chuon, Saram chuonsv@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC (360.596.7347)
Cimino, Michael mcimino@osd.wednet.edu Principal at JMS (360.596.3205)
Clare, Jannie jclare@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Claridy, Christina S. cclaridy@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Clark, Judy jlclark@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Clark, Maurene Y. mclark@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Clarke, Duncan dclarke@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3113)
Clarke, Robin roclarke@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7688)
Clarkson, Devan J. dclarkson@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Claudio, Polly Ann claudiopa@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Dept Head at OSD (360.596.7007)
Clear, Arlene aclear@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3114)
Clements, Lora S. lclements@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Cobena, Luis A. lcobena@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Cognasso, Kathy S. kcognasso@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at JMS (360.596.3200)
Cohee, Linda J lcohee@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Colby, Douglas J. dcolby@osd.wednet.edu LES
Cole, Judy jcole@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION (360.596.7710)
Cole, Katie N. kcole@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Coleman, Ken M. kcoleman@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Coleman, Robert E. rcoleman@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Collins, Katey F. kfcollins@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Colson, Katherine E kcolson@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at HES (360.596.7484)
Colwell, Benjamin S. bcolwell@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Thomas M. Condon tcondon@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Conner, Jimmy L. jconner@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Connor, Diana dconnor@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD
Conrad, Midori L. mconrad@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Conzatti, Allison R. aconzatti@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Paraeducator at OSD
Cook, Brett bcook@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7655)
Cook, Deborah K. dcook@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Coon, Patricia G. pcoon@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Cooper, Joanne Barry jcooper@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6467)
Cooper, Steven L. scooper@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Corn, Shirley scorn@osd.wednet.edu Special Services Secretary/Career Center Specialist at CHS, TRANSPORTATION, TRANS (360.596.8041)
Corrick, Jeffrey Shawn jcorrick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8388)
Costello, Kristin kcostello@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7222)
Cotey, Jennifer L. jcotey@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Crabb, Cathy ccrabb@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8219)
Craig, John jcraig@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, CES
Crawford, Antoinette K. acrawford@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Crawford, Christina R. crcrawford@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Crawford, Courtney M. ccrawford@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at HES, CES
Crawford, Diana S. dcrawford@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Cregar, Cheryl cregarc@osd.wednet.edu SSC, HES (360.596.7400)
Creighton, Greg gcreight@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7265)
Creighton, Laurel lcreight@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7266)
Crooks, Mary mcrooks@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3374)
Crooks, Scott M. scrooks@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Cross, Kathryn R. krcross@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Cross, Kurtis A. kcurtis@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Cruz, Richard J. rcruz@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Cruz, Shawn J. scruz@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Cummings, Laura Zylstra lcummings@osd.wednet.edu 4th Grade Teacher at LPBES (360.596.6362)
Cummins, Kristina R. kcummins@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8196)
Cunning, Joyce jcunning@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Professional at OSD (360.596.7022)
Cuoio, Amy R. acuoio@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Currie, Laura Ululani lcurrie@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8366)
Currie, Robert C bcurrie@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8314)
Cusack, Caitlin L. ccusack@osd.wednet.edu PES
Cusack, Kylie J. kcusack@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Cusack, Tracy tcusack@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3204)
Cvitanich, Dominic G. dcvitanich@osd.wednet.edu Superintendent at OSD
D'Asdenz, Azia A. adasdenz@students.osd.wednet.edu PES
Dale, Cheryl J cdale@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Daley, Jaime P. jdaley@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Dally, John jdally@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7352)
Dalzell, Linda L. ldalzell@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Damitio, Maureen E. mdamitio@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Daniels, Barret bdaniels@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Dannenmiller, Donna O ddannenmiller@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6402)
Daray, Robert K. rdaray@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Davidson, Cynthia L. cdavidson@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Davis, Aaron C. adavis@osd.wednet.edu Human Resources Director at OSD (360.596.6185)
Davis, Brad bdavis@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7268)
Davis, Jesse B. jbdavis@osd.wednet.edu CHS, JMS (360.596.3266)
Davis, Joyce M. jdavis@osd.wednet.edu Life Skills Teacher at TRANS (360.596.3266)
Davis, Mark mdavis@osd.wednet.edu Asst. Administrator at ORLA
Davis, Steve J. sdavis@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Davis, Val vdavis@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.7150)
Davis Simon, Sarah M. sdavissimon@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Dawson, Calvin cdawson@osd.wednet.edu Head Custodian at SSC (360.596.7756)
Dawson, Terra C. tdawson@osd.wednet.edu CHS
DeBruyne, Joe jdebruyn@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8042)
DeBruyne, Luanne M. ldebruyne@osd.wednet.edu Social Studies Teacher at JMS (360.596.3268)
DeBuse-Losh, Mikel M. mdebuselosh@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at BHES (360.596.6200)
DeSelle-Milam, Jennifer L. jdesellemilam@osd.wednet.edu PES
DeVries, Mackenzie R. mdevries@osd.wednet.edu RES
Deakins, Michael mdeakins@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8222)
Dean, Jana jdean@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at JMS (360.596.3270)
Deer, Greg gdeer@osd.wednet.edu SSC (360.596.7802)
Desai, Sejal A. sdesai@osd.wednet.edu Speech Language Pathologist at RES (360.596.6729)
Desselle, Stephen J. sdesselle@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Dewhirst, Tess L. tdewhirst@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Diana, Rebekah L. rdiana@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Dickerson, Ilene idickerson@osd.wednet.edu RES (360.596.6793)
Didier-Colby, Charlene N ccolby@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6465)
Diettrich, Brenda badiettrich@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at AHS (360.596.7914)
Dietz, Laura M. ldietz@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Dobyns, Samantha L. sdobyns@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CHS
Doherty, Deborah Susan ddoherty@osd.wednet.edu Secretary at OSD (360.596.8410)
Doherty, Kimberly kdoherty@osd.wednet.edu CHS, MCKES
Dohrmann, Anna K. adohrmann@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Donnelly, Caitlin E. cdonnelly@ods.wednet.edu CHS
Dooley, Cindra Christine cdooley@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCL, MCLES (360.596.6671)
Dorgan, Kathryn kdorgan@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7270)
Doughty, Kimberly L kdoughty@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8482)
Douglas, Jennifer K. jdouglas@osd.wednet.edu CES
Doumit, Mindy L. mdoumit@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at RES, MCKES (360.596.6768)
Dovell, Sharon K. dovellsk@osd.wednet.edu Middle School Lead at JMS (360.596.3207)
Dover, Shane K. sdover@osd.wednet.edu LPBES, BHES
Dowers, Leah M. ldowers@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Dozic, Milica mdozic@osd.wednet.edu HES
Dres, Rolando R. rdres@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Drewry, Mary E. mdrewry@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7400)
Dreyer, Glenn M. gdreyer@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Drummer, Alice Ruth adrummer@osd.wednet.edu Principal at OSD (360.596.6595)
Duerre, Luke J. lduerre@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Duerre, Sherry L. sduerre@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Duncan, Jessica L. jduncan@osd.wednet.edu GES
Dunn, Leandra L. ldunn@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Dunn, Mary Kaye dunnmk@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CES (360.596.8374)
Dunsworth, Austin A. adunsworth@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Durant, Betsy J. bdurant@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at JMS (360.596.3210)
Durbin, Eric. L. edurbin@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7690)
Dyvig, Joseph E. jdyvig@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS (360.596.6800)
Dziedziak, Audrey adziedzi@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at RES (360.596.6708)
Eagleson, Tomasina J. teagleson@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Earl, Sherri searl@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3000)
Ebbeson, Christine Anne cebbeson@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at HES (360.596.7400)
Eby, David deby@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7016)
Eddy, Chris Z. ceddy@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Edison, Karen kedison@osd.wednet.edu Finance Supervisor at OSD (360.596.6124)
Edwards, Rodger L. rledwards@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Egge, Emily E. eegge@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Eggleston, Jill A. jeggleston@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.6800)
Eggleston, Steven Patrick seggleston@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES (360.596.6675)
Eilers, Dave deilers@osd.wednet.edu Web Developer & ITS2 at OSD (360.596.6176)
Andrew J. Elam ajelam@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Elam, Angel aelam@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS
Elam, Jesse A. jelam@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Eldridge, Connie L. celridge@osd.wednet.edu CES
Elliott, Carolyn M celliott@osd.wednet.edu Office Professional at RES (360.596.6710)
Elliott, Marc W. melliott@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Elofson, Sonja P. selofson@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Elway, Aaron L. aelway@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Ely, Katherine R kely@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8469)
Emmil, Laura K. lemmil@osd.wednet.edu OSD
England, Jerry A. jengland@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Engle, Leesa Ann lengle@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Engle, Sandra M. sengle@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Ensminger, Barbara bensminger@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at RES (360.596.6756)
Erbele, Erin E. eerbele@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at OSD (360.596.8400)
Erickson, Jenifer L jerickson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7463)
Erickson, Joyce R. jrerickson@osd.wednet.edu PES
Eriksen, Barbara L. beriksen@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MMS (360.596.3200)
Espinoza Smither, Sarah K. sespinozasmither@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Estes, Jared J. jestes@osd.wednet.edu GES
Eussen, Fabiana M. feussen@osd.wednet.edu RES
Evans, Melanie J mevans@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8386)
Excell-Rehm, Mark mexcell-rehm@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8026)
Eygabroat, Justin W. jeygabroat@osd.wednet.edu AHS
Eygabroat, Sarah seygabroat@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Faaren, Nancy nfaaren@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Superintendent for K-12 at OSD (360.596.8534)
Fabritius, Jennifer jfabritius@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8061)
Fabritius, Skip sfabritius@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS, OHSCTE (360.596.7220)
fabry, Sandra L. sfabry@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Fagerness, Vicki vfagerness@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at GES (360.596.6700)
Fairhead, Catherine cfairhead@osd.wednet.edu WMS, LES
Fake f. Fakington ff@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Faller, Selena J. sfaller@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Farland, Monique mfarland@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at RES (360.596.6757)
Farrar, Elizabeth M. efarrar@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Ferfuson, Travis E. tferguson@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Ferguson, Carrie cferguson@osd.wednet.edu RES (360.596.6797)
Ferguson, Karen kferguson@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7687)
Ferguson, Pat pferguson@osd.wednet.edu 4th Grade Teacher at RES
Fettig, Kathe Anne kfettig@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8470)
Fierro, Jayme L. jfierro@osd.wednet.edu MES, GES
Fink, Robin rfink@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7573)
Finley, Jennifer J. jfinley@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Finley, Kenneth C. kfinley@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Finney, Jason Joseph jfinney@osd.wednet.edu Fourth Grade Teacher at GES (360.596.6952)
Finney, Theresa tfinney@osd.wednet.edu First Grade Teacher at GES (360.596.6974)
Fisher, Alison M. afisher@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Fisher, Shaila sfisher@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3000)
Fleckenstein, Laura L. lfleckenstein@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Flo, Jennifer A. jflo@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES, HES
Flock, Paul pflock@osd.wednet.edu Supervisor at OHS (360.596.7064)
Flynn, Carolyn cflynn@osd.wednet.edu Fifth Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6500)
Flynn, Stephanie Ann sflynn@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at LPBES (360.596.6873)
Foit, Erik N. efoit@osd.wednet.edu Teacher Consultant at WMS (360.596.3034)
Forhan, Paige N. pforhan@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at JMS (360.596.3200)
Forrester, Dave dforrester@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7032)
Frahm, Kristi kfrahm@osd.wednet.edu 1st Grade at RES (360.596.6759)
Francis, Patricia M. pfrancis@osd.wednet.edu First Grade Teacher at MCKES (360.596.6500)
Frasier, Matthew O. mfrasier@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Frazier, Teresa tfrazier@osd.wednet.edu Technology at OSD (360.596.6172)
Frood, Kirsten K. kfrood@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Fuller, Darlene dfuller@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.6113)
Fuller, Sarah M. sfuller@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Fulton, Todd tafulton@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7604)
Furbee, Benjamin W. bfurbee@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Gajkowski, Heather hgajkowski@osd.wednet.edu Office Paraeducator at TRANSPORTATION, TRANS, RES (360.596.6711)
Gallacher, Kellen kgallacher@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Gallagher, Michael M. mgallagher@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Gallegos, Tommy A. tgallegos@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Galvan, Kimberly J. kgalvan@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Garcia, Crystal E. cgarcia@osd.wednet.edu RES
Garrett, Shannon sgarrett@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CHS
Garrison, Amy N. agarrison@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Garrison, Emily egarrison@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS
Gaston, Dave dgaston@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.8231)
Gates, Katie E. kgates@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Gedde, Jana jgedde@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8348)
Gehlen Delude, Barbara D. bgehlen@osd.wednet.edu CES
Geiger, Amber L. ageiger@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Gendlek, Christine Anne cgendlek@osd.wednet.edu Intervention Specialist at GES (360.596.6955)
Gentz, Marylin M. mgentz@osd.wednet.edu Fourth Grade Teacher at RES (360.596.6748)
Gere, Denise M. dgere@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at OHS (360.664.4633)
Gerrits, John R. jgerrits@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Gianacakos, Nicole J. ngianacakos@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Gibbons, Erik S. egibbons@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Gibbons, Mary E. megibbons@osd.wednet.edu Procurement Card Coordinator at OSD (360.596.6122)
Gibbs, Julie D. jgibbs@osd.wednet.edu AM Kindergarten Teacher at MES (360.596.6357)
Gibson, Joanna L. jgibson@osd.wednet.edu LES
Gidlund, Pam J. pgidlund@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Gilbertson, Cassy cgilbertson@osd.wednet.edu CRC Lead Para at ORLA (360.596.7755)
Gillespie-Atkinson, Kathleen A kagillespie@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7464)
Gilman, Carolyn cgilman@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7279)
Gilmon, Christine Elizabeth cgilmon@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.6853)
Gilmore, Monique mgilmore@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Gimenez, Tony tgimenez@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3117)
Giroux, Anne L. agiroux@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Secretary at MCLES
Giroux, Wyatt J. wgiroux@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Glenn, Mary L. mglenn@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Goehle, Marjorie M. mgoehle@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at OHS (360.596.7046)
Goehle, Nelson R. ngoehle@students.osd.wednet.edu OHS
Golden, Mary mgolden@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MMS (360.596.7690)
Goldsby, Amy D. agoldsby@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Goldsmith, Lenore A lgoldsmith@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8474)
Goode, Christine J. cgoode@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8351)
Goodnight, Tracy tgoodnight@osd.wednet.edu Speech Language Pathologist at OSD (360.596.7549)
Gossett, Linda J. lgossett@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Govan, Gregory D. ggovan@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Grady, Adam S. agrady@osd.wednet.edu SSC, WMS
Grafing, Annette V. agrafing@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Graham, Dennis W. dgraham@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Gran, Wendy L. wgran@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Grant, Matthew mgrant@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7005)
Green, Eric egreen@osd.wednet.edu Psychologist at CHS (360.596.8030)
Green, Linda ligreen@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Greene, Cory cgreene@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Greene, Mary mgreene@osd.wednet.edu SSC (360.596.7803)
Greene, Rod rgreene@osd.wednet.edu SSC (360.596.7807)
Greenwell, Sarah sgreenwell@osd.wednet.edu Homeless Liaison at MES (360.596.6313)
Greer, Brandi A. bagreer@osd.wednet.edu MES
Gregor, Sheryl L. sgregor@osd.wednet.edu HES
Gregory, Kathleen Dell kagregory@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES (360.596.6679)
Grendon, Lori logrendon@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at GES (360.596.6900)
Griggs, Don griggsdm@osd.wednet.edu SSC, WMS
Grimm, Daniel dgrimm@osd.wednet.edu Dean of Students at CHS (360.596.8013)
Grimsted, Karin kgrimsted@osd.wednet.edu MES (360.596.6340)
Groenewal, Tom tgroenewal@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3462)
Grones, Jennifer Lee jgrones@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6404)
Grostick, Randy rgrostick@osd.wednet.edu ORLA, RMS, RES, MES, BHES (360.596.3400)
Grubbs, Lisa A. lgrubbs@osd.wednet.edu MES
Gudgel, Cathy Lee cgudgel@osd.wednet.edu WMS, MCLES (360.596.6600)
Guevara, Michelle mguevara@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Gufler, Deborah dwinter@osd.wednet.edu JMS, MMS
Gunter, Janet M. jgunter@osd.wednet.edu HES
Gurnsey, Justin W. jgurnsey@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Guthrie, Ursula N. uguthrie@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at LPBES
Gutierrez, Raymond V. rgutierrez@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3083)
Gutierrez, RoAnn R. rogutierrez@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Guy, Devin A. dguy@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Gwin, Sharlon B sgwin@osd.wednet.edu Special Services at PES (360.596.6500)
Gylys, GaBrielle N. gwollen@osd.wednet.edu Librarian at GES (360.596.6944)
Haber, Rachel C. rhaber@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Haddon, Debbie dhaddon@osd.wednet.edu Special Ed at RES (360.596.6761)
Haefer, Curtis chaefer@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3118)
Hahn, Carol L chahn@osd.wednet.edu Librarian at LPBES (360.596.6800)
Hahn, Lori lhahn@osd.wednet.edu Physical Education Teacher at MCLES, HES (360.596.8526)
Hahn, Rebecca M. rhahn@osd.wednet.edu MCLES (360.596.6682)
Hakola, Louise lhakola@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3000)
Hales, Ruth V rhales@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Hall, Amanda P. ahall@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at OHS (360.596.7030)
Hall, Jacqueline P. jhall@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Hall, Kelsey K. khall@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Hall, Michelle mhall@osd.wednet.edu CES (360.596.8307)
Halterman, Roger P. rhalterman@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Halvorson, Connie R. chalvorson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES
Halvorson, Jennifer A. jahalvorson@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Halvorson, Jonathan V jhalvorson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7465)
Hamilton, Ashley N. ahamilton@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Hamilton, Steve L. shamilton@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Hammaker, Leslie lehammaker@osd.wednet.edu 2nd Grade Teacher at MES (360.596.6355)
Hammer, Denise A. dhammer@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Hanby, John jhanby@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at AHS (360.596.7958)
Hancock, Heather L. hhancock@osd.wednet.edu School Nurse at MCL, MCLES (360.596.7730)
Hankins, Anne D. ahankins@osd.wednet.edu PES
Hankins, Matthew J. mhankins@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Hansen, Anita M. ahansen@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Harbin, Karla M. kharbin@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Harbord, Deborah dharbord@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Harbour, Erin J. etreadway@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Hardy, Debra dhardy@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8551)
Hardy, John T. jhardy@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Hargrave, Cynthia K. hargraveck@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7532)
Hargrave, Gregory C. ghargrave@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Harlan, Phil J. pharlan@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Harper, Connie J. charper@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Harris, Susan M. sharris@osd.wednet.edu PES
Harrison, Scott T. sharrison@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Hart, Alice E. ahart@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7263)
Hart, Michael mhart@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principals at OHS (360.596.3478)
Harting, Angela M aharting@osd.wednet.edu RES
Hartshorn, Jessica L. jhartshorn@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Hatch, Nicole R. nhatch@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Hauge, Bree L. bhauge@osd.wednet.edu CES
Hauschka, Bonnie J.M. bhauschka@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCKES (360.596.6200)
Havens, Cristine chavens@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Havens, Michael mhavens@osd.wednet.edu Principal at MCKES (360.596.8548)
Haws, Jason jhaws@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7659)
Haydu, Eileen ehaydu@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3013)
Hayes, Charleen Brigette chayes@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at MMS (360.596.7400)
Hayes, Melissa L. mhayes@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8383)
Hazelrigg, Jean jhazelrigg@osd.wednet.edu Coordinator at OSD (360.596.7063)
Heade, Linda L. lheade@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.6800)
Hedin, Caroline N. chedin@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Hedin-Baughn, Christie chedin-baughn@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3000)
Heikkila, Christina cheikkila@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Henderson, Do dhenderson@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3464)
Hendrix, Scott shendrix@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at AHS (360.596.7951)
Henry, Penny phenry@osd.wednet.edu HES
Herinckx, Matt herinckxmj@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8233)
Herman, Laura A. lherman@osd.wednet.edu Teacher Consultant at ORLA (360.596.7745)
Herseth, Linda A. lherseth@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Hershey, Yu Fang yfhershey@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at LPBES (360.596.6900)
Heryford, Carol A. cheryford@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Hewitt, Jennifer L. jhewitt@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at CHS
Hey, Robert J. rhey@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
Heying, Tara M. theying@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Heyman, Betty heymanba@osd.wednet.edu Elementary School Manager at MCKES (360.596.8407)
Hiatt, Mary mhiatt@osd.wednet.edu SSC, RMS
Hicks, Shelia M shicks@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCL, MCLES (360.596.6688)
High, Debra dhigh@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3272)
Hiler, Linda J. lhiler@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Hill, Margo mhill@osd.wednet.edu Librarian at RES (360.596.6702)
Hitchens, Nicole Lyn nhitchens@osd.wednet.edu HES
Hitchman, John jhitchman@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LPBES (360.596.7613)
Hjelm, Norm C. nhjelm@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Hodge, Jodi M. jhodge@osd.wednet.edu GES
Hodges, Robert C bhodges@osd.wednet.edu Principal at GES (360.596.6905)
Hoff, Starla shoff@osd.wednet.edu Certification Officer at OSD (360.596.6194)
Holbein, Janelle M. jholbein@osd.wednet.edu GES
Holder, Keith kholder@osd.wednet.edu 5th Grade Band Teacher at JMS, LPBES, GES, BHES (360.596.3273)
Holland, Terry hollandtl@osd.wednet.edu SSC (360.596.7809)
Holmeide, Jenny jholmeide@osd.wednet.edu 1st Grade Teacher at MES (360.596.6346)
Holstrom, Kristin M. kholstrom@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8393)
Hood, Amy S. ahood@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Hoonan, Kevin khoonan@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.6180)
Hooper, Nancy Ann nhooper@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCKES (360.596.6251)
Hoopes, Lorana L. lhoopes@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Hopp, Sarah D. shopp@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Horlick, Linda S. horlickls@osd.wednet.edu Helper/Server at CHS (360.596.8007)
Horton, Lisa lhorton@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7664)
Hostak, Brad L. bhostak@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Hougan, Karen Eliz. Keck khougan@osd.wednet.edu PES
Houge, Hallie E. hhouge@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Houlihan, Hilary Marie hhoulihan@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES (360.596.6681)
Houlihan, Shannon G shoulihan@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CHS (360.596.8000)
House, Chris chouse@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8234)
Howe, Sarah A. sahowe@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3291)
Howe, Sarah J showe@osd.wednet.edu First grade teacher at MCKES (360.596.8466)
Huapaya, Jennifer E. jhuapaya@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Hubert, Stephany C shubert@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8493)
Hudak, Dawn M. dhudak@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Hudson, Jeremy R. jhudson@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Hudson, Katherine khudson@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Huennekens, Bridget E. bhuennekens@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS, RES
Huff, Jennifer jhuff@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MMS (360.596.7658)
Huff, Sean C. shuff@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Hughes, Danielle L. dhughes@osd.wednet.edu PES
Hughes, Wendy L whughes@osd.wednet.edu Math Teacher at JMS (360.596.3275)
Hummel, Kimberlee khummel@osd.wednet.edu RES
Hunt, Cynthia L. chunt@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Hunter, Christopher W. chunter@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3024)
Hunter, Katie A. khunter@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Hursey, Jackie R jhursey@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES (360.596.6600)
Hussey, Deniece B. dhussey@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Hutchings, Adriana M. ahutchings@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Ickert, Ruth ickerter@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Imam, Donna Dianne dimam@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at GES (360.596.6900)
Inglin, Deborah M. dinglin@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS (360.596.7000)
Isaacson, Melissa J. misaacson@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Jackson, Cheryl cjackson@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Jacobs, Eric A. ejacobs@osd.wednet.edu OHS
James, Lara E. ljames@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Teacher at BHES
James-Burney, Renee K. rjamesburney@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES
Jansen, Michael mjansen@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8236)
Japhet, Rebecca A. rjaphet@osd.wednet.edu Director of Communications & Community Relations at OSD (360.596.6104)
Javier, Nan Hee njavier@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Jenne, Aleece ajenne@osd.wednet.edu GES
Jenne, Marjorie K. mjenne@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Jensen, Holly A. hjensen@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES
Jensen, Laura ljensen@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7285)
Jensen, Norah njensen@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at CHS (360.596.8024)
Jespersen, Trina L. tjespersen@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Jetha, Nimira njetha@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Johnson, Aleda ajohnson@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CHS, JMS (360.596.8191)
Johnson, Cameron D. cdjohnson@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
Johnson, Christopher N. cnjohnson@osd.wednet.edu Career & Tech Ed Director at OSD (360.596.6109)
Johnson, Cindy cjohnson1@osd.wednet.edu Second Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6558)
Johnson, Cora cojohnson@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Johnson, Cynthia C cyjohnson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7467)
Johnson, Erin ejohnson@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at CHS (360.596.8028)
Johnson, Gunnar gjohnson@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Johnson, Jill jijohnson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8092)
Johnson, John jojohnson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8058)
Johnson, (Caroline) Kelly kjohnson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCKES (360.596.8400)
Johnson, Laura Louise lljohnson@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8400)
Johnson, Marshel A. mjohnson@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Johnson, Patricia L. pjohnson@osd.wednet.edu CES
Johnson, Sarah A. sarjohnson@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Johnson, Suzanne sajohnson@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3120)
Johnston, Chris R. cjohnston@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Johnston, David djohnston@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8237)
Johnston, Melissa J. mjohnston@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Joling, Ken jolingkl@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8238)
Callie J. Jones cjjones@osd.wednet.edu RES
Jones, Janette jajones@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Jones, John jpjones@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.7134)
Jones, Rosanne A. jonesra@osd.wednet.edu Department Head at CHS (360.596.8007)
Jones, Theresa tjones@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Jones, Thomas L. II tljones@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Jones, McCurdy W. III mjones@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Jordan, Anne M. ajordan@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Jorgenson, Denise K. jorgensondk@osd.wednet.edu Middle School Manager at WMS (360.596.3007)
Jorgenson, Janene jjorgenson@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Jorgenson, Thomas tjorgenson@osd.wednet.edu Head Custodian at SSC, RES (360.596.6712)
Judah, Renee L. rjudah@osd.wednet.edu HES
Julius, Jacqueline I. jjulius@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Kabat, Brenda brkabat@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Kabat, Brent bkabat@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7287)
Kalama, Sonja E. skalama@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Kalb, Beth J. bkalb@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MCLES
Kamminga, Suzette E. skamminga@osd.wednet.edu GES
Kanekoa, Maren L. mkanekoa@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Kapsandy, Julie jkapsandy@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8357)
Kardokus, Carmen S. ckardokus@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3455)
Kazanjian, Martha T. mkazanjian@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at WMS
Keck, Howard keckh@osd.wednet.edu Third Grade Teacher at GES (360.596.6960)
Keeling, Gloria gkeeling@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Keister, Bryan C. bkeister@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Keith, Wilma keithw@osd.wednet.edu Secretary at MCL, MCLES (360.596.6610)
keller, Shannon skeller@osd.wednet.edu Developmental Learning Center at OSD (360.596.3053)
Kelley, Tricia tkelley@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8540)
Kelley-Batstone, Andra M. akelleybatstone@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Kelly, Angela K. akelly@students.osd.wednet.edu LES
Kenney, Dawn R. dkenney@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Kenyon, Lynne lkenyon@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8270)
Kerr, Janine A. jkerr@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Ketter, Tim R. tketter@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Kiernan, Elisa R. ekiernan@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Kiers, Denise J. dkiers@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Kievit, Karen kkievit@osd.wednet.edu WMS, MMS, RMS (360.596.7632)
Killelea, Mary A. mkillelea@osd.wednet.edu PES
Killip, Jeanette E. jkillip@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Kim, Beth R. bkim@osd.wednet.edu LES
Kim-Zaccagnini, Linda Hahn lzaccagnini@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at GES (360.596.6911)
Kincy, Dave L. dkincy@osd.wednet.edu MMS
King, Brandon T. btking@osd.wednet.edu PES
Caroline Os. King cking@osd.wednet.edu OSD
King, Travis P. tking@osd.wednet.edu CES
Kinnaird, Kathy kkinnaird@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3122)
Kinsel, Erica ekinsel@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8059)
Kirk, Heidi hkirk@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7290)
Kiser, Camille A. ckiser@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Kitzmiller, Dennis J. dkitzmiller@osd.wednet.edu SSC, MMS
Knight, William M. wknight@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Knotts, Debbie dknotts@osd.wednet.edu Elementary School Manager at LPBES (360.596.6807)
Knox, Jasper S. jknox@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Knudsen, Bonnie bknudsen@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.664.4633)
Knutzen, Darla E. dknutzen@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Kolowinski, Toni akolowinski@osd.wednet.edu MES
Komschlies, Joel jkomschlies@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at CHS (360.596.8020)
Koplan, Crystal R. ckoplan@osd.wednet.edu HES
Koss, Debbie dkoss@osd.wednet.edu Librarian at OHS (360.596.7002)
Koster, Amy L akoster@osd.wednet.edu Fifth Grade Teacher at GES (360.596.6951)
Krause, Lynnetta lkrause@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7400)
Kraves, Tighe H. tkraves@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS
Krone, Denise L. dkrone@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Kroth, Bunhan bkroth@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC (360.596.3305)
Krueger, Tiffany tkrueger@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
LaFave, Brooke E. blafave@osd.wednet.edu GES
LaPrelle, William R. wlaprelle@osd.wednet.edu JMS
LaRiviere, Siu Le C slariviere@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at LPBES (360.596.6900)
LaViollette, Scott slaviollette@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8240)
Labinski, Chrystal A clabinski@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7409)
Lamm, Malinda mlamm@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7662)
Lamont, Donna dlamont@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Lamont, Tabitha L. tlamont@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Land, Beth bethland@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3452)
Landers, Sheryl G. slanders@osd.wednet.edu Instructional Design Specialist at ORLA (360.596.7742)
Landram, Natasha K. nlandram@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Lane, Jane S. jlane@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Lane, Jessica L. jllane@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Lane, John K. jklane@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Lang, Joel P. jlang@osd.wednet.edu Principal at LPBES
Lang, Marianne mlang@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7232)
Lanting, Justin W. jlanting@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Lantz, Leif llantz@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES (360.596.6369)
Larson, Alicia alarson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS, OHS (360.596.7058)
Larson, Gladys T. glarson@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7691)
Larter, Rebecca J. rlarter@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Lasmanis, Tanya M. tlasmanis@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Laughlin, Joy M laughlinj@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES (360.596.6695)
Le Duc, Scott sleduc@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8241)
LeBlanc, Sally A. sleblanc@osd.wednet.edu Paraeduator at OHS (360.596.6800)
Leach, Jennifer E. jleach@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Leach, Lynda D lleach@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8362)
Leary, Edith J. eleary@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.8074)
Troy R. Lee tlee@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
Lee-O'Neil, Bryann Nicole bleeoneil@osd.wednet.edu CES (360.596.8375)
Leeper, Patti pleeper@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3123)
leichtp leichtp@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Pareducator at MCL, MES (360.596.6329)
Lenox, Susan K. lenoxsk@osd.wednet.edu Department Head at OSD (360.596.7007)
Leonard, Angela M. aleonard@osd.wednet.edu LES
Leone, Robert T. rleone@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Leslie, Katie kleslie@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3075)
Letourneau, Brian bletourn@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7293)
Levi, Nichole nlevi@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Lewinsohn, Joel E. jlewinsohn@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Lewinsohn, Kari L. klewinsohn@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Lewis, Allen A. alewis@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Libby, Dannie M. dlibby@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Lindsay, Charles D. clindsay@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Lindsay, Debora J. dlindsay@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Linhart, Jinny L. jlinhart@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Linton, Sarah J. slinton@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Liska, Tamara E. tliska@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Lloyd, Monica C. mlloyd@osd.wednet.edu MCKES, LES
Loder, Joan Carol jloder@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES (360.596.6600)
Loesch, Amy D. aloesch@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3217)
Logsdon, Kristie klogsdon@osd.wednet.edu Medicaid Match at CHS (360.596.8018)
Long, Heather L. hlong@osd.wednet.edu HES
Long, Kathy klong@osd.wednet.edu Education Specialist at OSD (360.596.6317)
Longnecker, Melissa J. mlongnecker@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Loose, Violet J. vloose@osd.wednet.edu HES
Lopez, Andres alopez@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Losee, Kate S. klosee@osd.wednet.edu Occupational Therapist at MMS, BHES
Lott, Margaret A mlott@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LPBES (360.596.6800)
Lotton, Donna F. dlotton@osd.wednet.edu SLP at GES (360.596.6981)
Luce, Gayle L gluce@osd.wednet.edu Social Services Coordinator at HES (360.596.7404)
Lull, Caitlynn M. clull@osd.wednet.edu MES
Luna, Carmelina N. cluna@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.6800)
Lundberg, Dan dlundberg@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS, MCLES (360.596.8546)
Lundeen-Ness, Kathleen A. klundeenness@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Lusk, Lynlee llusk@osd.wednet.edu OHS
MacMillan, Cara E. cmacmillan@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LES
Machut, Mandy L. mmachut@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Mackenzie, Ian A. imackenzie@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Mackey, John G. jmackey@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Madsen, Sandra smadsen@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7294)
Maguire, Bill bmaguire@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7039)
Maiava, Sarah B. smaiava@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Major, Nancy A. nmajor@osd.wednet.edu Math Specialist at MES (360.596.6343)
MalanchukFinnan, Linda lmalanchukfinnan@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Mallalieu, Chris cmallalieu@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Mallalieu, Kathy kmallalieu@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3469)
Malone, Shon T. smalone@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Manley, Martha mmanley@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6455)
Mann, Sharan smann@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7295)
Manning, Lorraine lmanning@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS (360.596.7296)
Mansfield, Mark T. mmansfield@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CHS
Mao, Mariah M. mmao@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Marcus, Theresa Lynn tmarcus@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES (360.596.8418)
Maring, Kristen M. kmaring@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Markey, Sharon smarkey@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7297)
Markoff, Jeff K. jmarkoff@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Marks, Dean R. dmarks@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Marmont, Jennifer A. jmarmont@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Marple, Ivy D. imarple@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at JMS (360.596.3213)
Marsh, Dave dmarsh@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Martin, Britney L. bmartin@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Martin, Chanda W. cmartin@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Martin, Elizabeth A. emartin@osd.wednet.edu CES (360.596.8373)
Martin, Emily C. ecmartin@students.osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Martin, Jennifer jmartin@osd.wednet.edu First Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6557)
Martinez, James S. jmartinez@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Marx, Viola G. vmarx@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3000)
Marzella, Susanna smarzella@osd.wednet.edu OT at HES (360.596.7420)
Mason, Josh jomason@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Matern, Cheryl D. cmatern@osd.wednet.edu MMS, RMS
Mathis, Mary mmathis@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3002)
Matthews, Dora dmatthews@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7072)
Matthews, Leslie J lmatthews@osd.wednet.edu CHS (360.596.6800)
Maycumber, Jackie jmaycumber@osd.wednet.edu MES
McAuley, Derek H. dmcauley@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3000)
McCabe, Patrick J. pmccabe@osd.wednet.edu RMS
McCartan, Daniel dmccartan@osd.wednet.edu Speech Language Pathologist at MCLES (360.596.6600)
McClinon, Antonio R. amcclinon@osd.wednet.edu OHS
McCormick, Cissy cmmccorm@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7542)
McCowan, Keary Laverne kmccowan@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at GES (360.596.6900)
McCoy, Grenada gmccoy@osd.wednet.edu OHS
McCoy, Susan smccoy@osd.wednet.edu Facilities Use Administrative Professional at OSD (360.596.8562)
McCoy, Terri-Jo tmccoy@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7066)
McDonald, Corrine R. cmcdonald@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
McDonald, Susan smcdonald@osd.wednet.edu OHS
McDougall, Julie jmcdoug@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.7663)
McEwen, Simona Marie smcewen@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8501)
McFadden, Allison amcfadden@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8254)
McGill, Melinda L. mmcgill@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
McGovern, Karen kmcgovern@osd.wednet.edu RMS
McGuire, Amy L. amcguire@osd.wednet.edu Benefits Technician at OSD (360.596.6187)
McGuire, Michael R. mrmcguire@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Shawn, McGuire R. smcguire@osd.wednet.edu RMS
McInnis Chavez, Kathy Ann katchavez@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8411)
McIver, Laura E lmciver@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS, HES (360.596.8000)
McKaughan, Rachel M. rmckaughan@osd.wednet.edu OSD
McKay, Carol cmckay@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8247)
McKee, Karin Marie kmckee@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7466)
McKillip, Jane jmckilli@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7017)
McKown, Melinda M mmckown@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7412)
McLaughlin, Sarah smclaugh@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7391)
McManus, Lyndsay M. lmcmanus@osd.wednet.edu MES (360.596.6304)
McNabb, Chris cmcnabb@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8232)
McNamara, Mary mmcnamar@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7301)
McPeak, Donna L. dmcpeak@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8193)
McPherson, Roxanne M rmcpherson@osd.wednet.edu MES (360.596.6461)
McQueen, Annette amcqueen@osd.wednet.edu Teacher-Librarian at PES (360.596.6563)
McVoy, Dona L. dmcvoy@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Teacher at LPBES (360.596.7581)
Mead, James E. jmead@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Meadows, Taylor K. tmeadows@osd.wednet.edu GES
Meece, Stephanie V. smeece@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Mejia, Mario R. mmejia@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Mellum, Alicia R. amellum@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Melton, Julie jmelton@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CHS (360.596.8287)
Mende, Linda M. lmende@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Mendonca, Danielle N. dmendonca@students.osd.wednet.edu CHS
Merrigan, Sharyn smerrigan@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7602)
Meyer, Anne M. ameyer@osd.wednet.edu MES
Meyers, Paula pmeyers@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Michaels, Louanne C. lmichaels@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CHS (360.596.6800)
Mickelson, Julie A jmickelson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7400)
Mickelson, Troy D. tmickelson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8078)
Middlebrook, Ruth rmiddleb@osd.wednet.edu Social Services Coordinator at OSD (360.596.8400)
Midles, Lois R. lmidles@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Aaron J. Miles amiles@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Miller, Allen T. amiller@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Miller, Anna M. ammiller@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Miller, Carla cmiller@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7661)
Miller, Clare N. cnmiller@students.osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Miller, Donna dmiller@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Miller, Karen E millerke@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8367)
Miller, Katherine L. kmiller@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7087)
Miller, Tracey trmiller@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8246)
Miller-Stewart, Annette astewart@osd.wednet.edu Kindergarten Teacher at RES (360.596.6771)
Mills, Greg A. gmills@osd.wednet.edu SSC, RES
Min, Sophath smin@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Mitchell, Cindy cmitchell@osd.wednet.edu Chemical Dependency Professional at OHS (360.596.8547)
Mitchell, Lea A. lmitchell@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Mitchell, Pamela A. pmitchell@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at CES, BHES
Mitsunaga, Hollis hmitsunaga@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Moltz, Kimberly G. kmoltz@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Monchilov, Michael mmonchilov@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Moniodis, Sonja smoniodis@osd.wednet.edu RES
Monte, Elizabeth A emonte@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8424)
Montermini, Justin L. jmontermini@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Montoya, Nicholas A. nmontoya@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Moore, Amy J. amoore@osd.wednet.edu HES
Moore, Joan R jmoore@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES (360.596.6678)
Moore, Kimberly A. kamoore@osd.wednet.edu HES
Moorhead, Joy L. jmoorhead@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES (360.596.6348)
Morgan, Jenny jmorgan@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at CHS (360.596.8022)
Morgan, Kelly W. kmorgan@osd.wednet.edu OHS, MCLES
Morris, Brian bmorris@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3124)
Morrison, Denise D. ddmorrison@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Morrison, Lisa M. lmorrison@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Morrison, Melissa mmorrison@osd.wednet.edu Middle School Manager at MMS (360.596.7607)
Morse, Howard C. hmorse@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3200)
Moses, Sarah A. smoses@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Motiejaitis, Danute Z. dmotiejaitis@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Muller, Jo Anne Merrilyn jmuller@osd.wednet.edu Librarian at BHES (360.596.6202)
Murphy, Amanda J. ajmurphy@osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Murphy, Heather hmurphy@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Murphy, Lamia M. lmurphy@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Murray, Jan jmurray@osd.wednet.edu First Grade Teacher at RES (360.596.6772)
Murray, Virginia vmurray@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at AHS (360.596.7953)
Murray, William L. wmurray@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Murrow, Joseph N. jmurrow@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Musser, Caren cmusser@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LPBES
Musser, Debra Lynn dmusser@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES (360.596.6657)
Muzatko, Robyn rmuzatko@osd.wednet.edu Kindergarten Teacher at PES (360.596.6539)
My, Chhum myc@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, CES (360.596.7800)
My, Sok mys@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Myers, Heather R. hmyers@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Myhand, Napolian A.D. nmyhand@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Myhr, Hollie D hmyhr@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES (360.596.6676)
Nasrallah, Jacob O. jnasrallah@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Navarre, Sarah N. snavarre@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Neely, Mary Marie mneely@osd.wednet.edu Social Services Coordinator at BHES (360.596.6204)
Neely, Michele neelyml@osd.wednet.edu Pre-School Teacher at MES (360.596.6353)
Nelson, Hannah M. hnelson@students.osd.wednet.edu PES
Nelson, Jill jnelson@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7278)
Nelson, Linda R lnelson@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8486)
Nelson, Tessa M. tmnelson@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Nelson, Timothy J. tnelson@osd.wednet.edu SSC, MES
Nelson, Yuko ynelson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8257)
Ness, Jacqueline A. jness@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Newby, Paula A. pnewby@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Nicholas, Tricia tnicholas@osd.wednet.edu Capital Projects Coordinator at TRANSPORTATION, TRANS (360.596.8563)
Nied, Deborah Beth Rankin dnied@osd.wednet.edu Fifth Grade Teacher at RES (360.596.6743)
Niemann, Scott D. sniemann@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Nilsen Badami, Joanna S. jnilsenbadami@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7670)
Noble, Christen E. cnoble@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Noll, Nha nnoll@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS (360.596.7721)
Nord, Peggy penord@osd.wednet.edu Kindergarten at RES (360.596.6773)
Normoyle, Eli enormoyle@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3293)
Noviello, Bethany D. bnoviello@osd.wednet.edu HES
Nuese, Maggie L. mlnuese@osd.wednet.edu Speech & Language Pathologist at OSD
Nugent, James J. jamnugent@osd.wednet.edu MES
Nunez, Jessicarae jnunez@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Nunn, Valerie vnunn@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7311)
O'Brien, Kathy kobrien@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at PES (360.596.6500)
O'Brien, Thomas E. tobrien@osd.wednet.edu OSD
O'Connor, Frank fjoconnor@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at OHS (360.596.7000)
O'Connor, Sherry B soconnor@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LPBES (360.596.6857)
O'Donnell, Robert rodonnell@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.6182)
O'Donnell, Suzette sodonnel@osd.wednet.edu PES
O'Halloran, Janet K ohalloranj@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8480)
O'Neal, Susan oneals@osd.wednet.edu Master Teacher/Curriculum Resource Specialist at ORLA (360.596.7734)
O'Neil, Kyle Bert koneil@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8359)
O'Neil, Nancy noneil@osd.wednet.edu LES
OBryan, Kris obryankl@osd.wednet.edu Assessment Services at OSD (360.596.8541)
Oas, David doas@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCLES (360.596.8385)
Ochoa, Meghan mochoa@osd.wednet.edu RES
Ogilvie, Brynn E. bogilvie@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Oliver, Marian R. moliver@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Olmsted, Spencer Peck solmsted@osd.wednet.edu Fifth Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6500)
Olsen, Amy aolsen@osd.wednet.edu GES
Lasher-Olsen, Rosalind Ruth rolsen@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Professional at CES (360.596.8310)
Olson, Kristen E. kolson@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Olson-Neidhardt, Kristi A. kolsonneidhardt@osd.wednet.edu PES
Orr, Bethany M. borr@osd.wednet.edu GES
Ortega, Esperanza P. eortega@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Orwig, Michell Denae miorwig@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at GES (360.596.6900)
Osborn, Hanna L. hosborn@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Oster, Mark S. moster@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Osterhout, Tracy M osterhoutt@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3214)
Otonicar, Tara A. totonicar@osd.wednet.edu Kindergarten Teacher at GES (360.596.6950)
Ottavelli, Amy aottavelli@osd.wednet.edu OT at MCLES (360.596.3000)
Ottavelli, Deanna dottavelli@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Ottoboni, Dianna dottoboni@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3476)
Ourng, Khath kourng@osd.wednet.edu SSC, OHS
Ourng, Khoeuth ourngk@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC (360.596.8000)
Owens, Gwen E. gowens@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8091)
pacholke, Glenna L. gpacholke@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Pak, Okcha opak@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Palmer, Kevin palmerkw@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Palmer, Tonya L. tpalmer@osd.wednet.edu Payroll Supervisor at OSD (360.596.6189)
Panesko, Ann M. apanesko@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Pankau, Kelly kpankau@osd.wednet.edu CHS, RMS (360.596.3454)
Panter, Carmen cpanter@osd.wednet.edu Central Kitchen Asst. at OSD (360.596.8007)
Panter, Laurel lpanter@osd.wednet.edu Asst. Department Head at RES (360.596.7007)
Papaly, Betsy R. bpapaly@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Paquet, Julie R jpaquet@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Parker, Alex aparker@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8169)
Parker, Barbara D. bparker@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Parks, Geoff D. gparks@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Parnell, Thomas A. tparnell@osd.wednet.edu Social Services Coordinator at MCLES
Pasquareillo, Annette apasquariello@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at WMS (360.596.3000)
Passaretti, Robert P. rpassaretti@osd.wednet.edu TRANS
Pattin, Debby dpattin@osd.wednet.edu GES
Paulsen, Valorie J. vpaulsen@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Paxton, Rebecca Ann paxtonr@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7530)
Paxton, Ruth Antoinette rpaxton@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at HES
Peach, Joel jpeach@osd.wednet.edu LPBES, GES
Pearce, Adam R. apearce@osd.wednet.edu CES
Peck, Jamie M. jpeck@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at JMS (360.596.3200)
Peetz, Jason B. jpeetz@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Pellanda, Elizabeth epellanda@osd.wednet.edu RES (360.596.3200)
Pence, Kristin E. kpence@osd.wednet.edu ORLA, ORLA B
Penton, Jeanette L. jpenton@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Perry, Audrey aperry@osd.wednet.edu Teacher (Science) at WMS (360.596.3016)
Perry, Lisa lperry@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at RES, PES (360.596.8400)
Perry, Mary K. mperry@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Peters, Kathleen kpeters@osd.wednet.edu GES
Peterson, Chelsea cpeterson@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.3458)
Peterson, Elizabeth epeterson@osd.wednet.edu RES
Peterson, Kara J.H. kpeterson@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Peterson, Kathy kpeterso@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7048)
Peterson, Lisa Coy lipeterson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8363)
Petrie, Emily J. epetrie@osd.wednet.edu LES
Phan, Nguyen B. nphan@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Phegley, Constance M. cphegley@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Philippsen, Tony J. tphil@osd.wednet.edu Field Tech at CHS
Phillipy, Matthew S. mphillipy@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Phinney, Regina A. rphinney@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Pierson, Sherri Lynn piersonsh@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES (360.596.8379)
Pinckston, Mary mpinckston@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
Piper, Cheryl L. cpiper@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Pittman, Ryan J. rpittman@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Plahuta, Marilyn mplahuta@osd.wednet.edu School Psychologist at RMS, RES (360.596.7000)
Platzer, Amy M. aplatzer@osd.wednet.edu 3rd Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6358)
Pleepuachart, Suchart spleepuachart@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Poage, Carolyn cpoage@osd.wednet.edu SSC, OHS
Pong, Ed epong@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.7530)
Popple, Connie cpopple@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3010)
porterj porterj@osd.wednet.edu MCL, MCLES
Porter, Rebecca J. rporter@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at GES
Portis, Kerry portiskl@osd.wednet.edu Department Head at OSD (360.596.7007)
Post, Margaret M. mpost@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6463)
Pratt, Amanda apratt@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Preston, Terry J. tpreston@osd.wednet.edu 5th Grade Teacher at MES (360.596.6302)
Price, Phyllis J. pprice@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at PES, GES (360.596.6908)
Priddy, Jennifer M. jpriddy@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal and Operations at TRANS (360.596.6129)
Pulsipher, Tracy P. tpulsipher@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3279)
Puntillo, Carrie N. cpuntillo@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Quimby, Katie A. kquimby@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Quinn, Pamela D. pquinn@osd.wednet.edu MMS, GES
Quinn, Toby A. taquinn@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Quinn, Tricia tquinn@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3081)
Raben, Laurie lraben@osd.wednet.edu Fourth Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6541)
Rae, Paul prae@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7281)
Raedel, Holly Ann hraedel@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at PES (360.596.7478)
Ragsac, Terri L. tragsac@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Ramsay-Werts, Stefanie E. sramsaywerts@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Randich, Jeffrey R. jrrandich@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Randich, Julie jrandich@osd.wednet.edu Program Manager at ORLA (360.596.7737)
Rants, Mary Jane mjrants@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES, BHES (360.596.7470)
Rascon, Ernie D erascon@osd.wednet.edu Principal at HES (360.596.7405)
Rascon, Nancy nrascon@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8353)
Ratcliff, Heather J. hratcliff@osd.wednet.edu ORLA, ORLA B
Rathi, Rupali rrathi@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at GES (360.596.6900)
Ratliff, Anne Marie aratliff@osd.wednet.edu Teacher-Librarian at JMS (360.596.3202)
Raub, James C. jraub@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Ray, Christi K. cray@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Rayburn, Dale A drayburn@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6408)
Reddicks, Alphonse L. areddicks@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Reeves, Tom R. treeves@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Regester, Ross rregester@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at WMS (360.596.3004)
Reinemer, Rosetta rreinemer@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Professional at GES (360.596.6910)
Reinhart, Dana R. dreinhart@osd.wednet.edu PES
Lindsay A. Retherford lretherford@osd.wednet.edu PES, CES
Rethwill, Michele Dawn mrethwill@osd.wednet.edu Office Professional at CES (360.596.8311)
Reykdal, Kimberly E. kreykdal@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7033)
Reynolds, Toni tonireynolds@osd.wednet.edu PE at MMS (360.596.7400)
Richards, Renee rrichards@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3211)
Richardson, Carol C.S crichardson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES, CES
Richart, Anna arichart@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Ricks, Mary Beth mricks@osd.wednet.edu CES
Riddels, Doug driddels@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7049)
Rigg, Kari Lynn krigg@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6446)
Riggin, Marlee mriggin@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.7635)
Riley, Brian K briley@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Riley, Race C. rriley@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Ring, Jeremy L. jring@osd.wednet.edu Science Teacher at JMS (360.596.3269)
Rinker, Elaine M. erinker@osd.wednet.edu RES
Risk, Todd D. trisk@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Ritter, Shannon L. sritter@osd.wednet.edu Principal at CES (360.596.7625)
Robbins, Rachel L. rrobbins@osd.wednet.edu Special Education Teacher at LES (360.596.6409)
Roberts, Diana L. droberts@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7000)
Roberts, Nikolai L. nroberts@students.osd.wednet.edu MCLES
Robertson, Melanie J. mrobertson@osd.wednet.edu MMS, LPBES
Robertson, Robin J. rjrobertson@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Robinson, Addie-Jo arobinson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.6255)
Rocks, Paul T procks@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6458)
Rodriguez, Berta brodriguez@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Roedell, Anita R. aroedell@osd.wednet.edu CES (360.596.8358)
Roepke, Robert A. rroepke@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Rogan, Erin N. erogan@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Romero, Zoe T. zromero@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Ronning, Jennie jronning@osd.wednet.edu PATS Teacher at HES
Roper, Ian C. iroper@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Rorem, David drorem@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3129)
Rose, Debra L. drose@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Rosenkranz, Paula prosenkr@osd.wednet.edu Full Day Kindergarten Teacher at MES (360.596.6354)
Roski, Alan W. aroski@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Roth, Steve sroth@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7318)
Rowell, Susan Elizabeth srowell@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7471)
Rumsey, Georgia A. grumsey@osd.wednet.edu Coordinator at OHS (360.596.7062)
Rupe, Floyd C. frupe@osd.wednet.edu RES
Rus, Kevin A. krus@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Russell, Gabriele grussell@osd.wednet.edu HES
Russell, Mary T. mrussell@osd.wednet.edu SLP at MCLES, MCKES (360.596.6600)
Russell, Sherri L. srussell@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Ryan, Michael mryan@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7321)
Rydholm, Mary Jo mrydholm@osd.wednet.edu MMS, RES, MCLES (360.596.7669)
Sabatini, Tiffany J. tsabatini@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Saben, Barbara Anne bsaben@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8400)
Sage, Jessie K. jsage@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Salerno, Lisa M. lsalerno@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Salgado, Michelle A. msalgado@osd.wednet.edu Kindergarten Teacher at OSD
Salme, Luke lsalme@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7269)
Sample, Michelle J. msample@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Samson, Kelli ksamson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8288)
Samson, Matthew R msamson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7400)
Sande, Nicole K. nsande@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Santana, Jodi L. jsantana@osd.wednet.edu CES
Sartori, Katherine H. ksartori@osd.wednet.edu Teacher (Orchestra) at WMS, MCKES
Saurs, Mary E. msaurs@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Saw, Joyce W. sawjw@osd.wednet.edu Server at OSD (360.596.3007)
Sawyer, Aleah R. asawyer@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Schaefer, Michael mschaefer@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7323)
Schaffer, Fely fschaffer@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Schmidt, Cecily A. ceschmidt@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS
Schmidt, Nicholas A. nschmidt@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Schmidt, Tina tischmidt@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.6800)
Schmidtzinsky, Amalie M. aschmidtzinsky@osd.wednet.edu MES
Schober, Conor A. cschober@osd.wednet.edu Communications Specialist at OSD (360.596.6108)
Schoening, Robin rschoening@osd.wednet.edu MCLES (360.596.6600)
Schooler, Chip cschooler@osd.wednet.edu Orchestra Teacher at OSD (360.596.6500)
Schooler, Joan jschooler@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3483)
Schori, Melinda schorima@osd.wednet.edu Food Services Manager at PES (360.596.6507)
Schroeder, Roselynn R. rschroeder@students.osd.wednet.edu HES
Schuna, Jean jschuna@osd.wednet.edu 3rd Grade at RES (360.596.6784)
Schutte, Amy D. aschutte@osd.wednet.edu PES
Schwartz, Dan dschwart@osd.wednet.edu Choir Teacher at OHS (360.596.7325)
Schwegler, Max schweglermm@osd.wednet.edu SSC (360.596.7814)
Schwegler, Michael J. mjschwegler@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Schweickert, Cassie A. cschweickert@osd.wednet.edu MES
Scolaro, Piper D. pscolaro@osd.wednet.edu HES
Scott, Jayanne W. jascott@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at OSD
Scougale, Janet L. jscougale@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION
Seaborg, Joanne jseaborg@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MMS, LPBES (360.596.7671)
Seals-Steere, Karin L. ksealssteere@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Sebring, William L. wsebring@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3400)
Seeley, Marilyn mseeley@osd.wednet.edu Secretary at OSD (360.596.7010)
Semega, Lynn Louise lsemega@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6451)
Senger, Kimberly A. ksenger@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Shanafelt, Julie A. jshanafelt@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at PES (360.596.6500)
Sharp, Stacy ssharp@osd.wednet.edu ASB Office Professional at CHS, CHS ASB (360.596.8071)
Shaughnessy, Sean M. sshaughnessy@osd.wednet.edu Principal at RES
Shave, Eldon shaveec@osd.wednet.edu SSC, MCLES
Shea, Cathy cshea@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3011)
Shea, Denis A. dshea@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Sheafe, Lisbeth lsheafe@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at GES (360.596.6965)
Sheehan, Alison H. asheehan@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Sheller, Cynthia V. csheller@osd.wednet.edu MCLES, LES
Shelton, Taelar A. tshelton@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Sheridan, Marion msherida@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7326)
Sherman, Ronald rsherman@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3000)
Sherrell, Thom tsherrell@osd.wednet.edu 5th Grade at RES (360.596.6783)
Shine, Elizabeth eshine@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8255)
Shivnen, Susan L. sshivnen@osd.wednet.edu Technology at LPBES, HES, GES (360.596.6999)
Shoemaker, Forrest fshoemaker@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Shriver, Alex J. ashriver@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Sigmond, Deedre D. dsigmond@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3200)
Sikorski, Richard A. rsikorski@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LES
Simmons, Lisa Juliene lsimmons@osd.wednet.edu PES, MES
Simmons, WIlliam A. wsimmons@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Jared M.. Simons jsimons@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Singer, Vivien J. vsinger@osd.wednet.edu HES
Sipher, Travis K. tsipher@osd.wednet.edu CHS, JMS
Sjoboen, Mike msjoboen@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.3274)
Skinner, Gregory J gskinner@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7472)
Slater, Heather K. hslater@osd.wednet.edu CES (360.596.8372)
Slorah, William K. wslorah@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Smith, Catherine Nelson cnsmith@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6470)
Smith, Kari J. kjsmith@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Smith, Kristi ksmith@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3295)
Smith, Linda lcsmith@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7327)
Smith, Lori lsmith@osd.wednet.edu Secretary at RMS (360.596.3410)
Smith, Sherman shsmith@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3484)
Smith, Susan L. slsmith@osd.wednet.edu PES
Smith, Vicki vsmith@osd.wednet.edu Speech Therapist at PES (360.596.6500)
Smythe, Starr ssmythe@osd.wednet.edu 3rd/4th Grade Teacher at MES (360.596.6360)
Sneva, Rita rsneva@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7328)
Sniderman, David S. dsniderman@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Snobar, Benjamin L. bsnobar@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Snodgrass, Timothy tsnodgra@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7329)
Snyder, Alicia B. asnyder@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Snyder, Jeff jsnyder@osd.wednet.edu Fifth Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6566)
Soderberg, Kristen ksoderberg@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7307)
Sogn, Chris sognck@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at AHS (360.596.7952)
Sokolik, Tim J. tsokolik@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Sonnenstuhl, Chris chrisson@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7330)
Sorrell, Lisa M. lsorrell@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8350)
Sparks, Bob rsparks@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8261)
Sparks, Rebecca C. rcsparks@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Spatola-Knoll, Domenico dsknoll@osd.wednet.edu Principal at MES (360.596.6305)
Specht, Naomi nspecht@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7331)
Spencer, Tara tspencer@osd.wednet.edu RES, MCKES, GES, BHES
Spencer, Taresa taspencer@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Sperry, Beverley bsperry@osd.wednet.edu OSD Education Foundation Coordinator at OSD (360.753.8853)
Spithaler, Sonja R. sspithaler@osd.wednet.edu PES
Spohn, Nancy nspohn@osd.wednet.edu Kindergarten Teacher at PES (360.596.6567)
Sprague, Mimi msprague@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7610)
St. Louis, Rick rstlouis@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Stafford, Janice jstafford@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at JMS (360.596.3208)
Stajduhar, George gstajduhar@osd.wednet.edu SSC, MCKES
Stanley, Fred fstanley@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION (360.596.7705)
Starkey, Wendy A. wstarkey@osd.wednet.edu CHS, OHS, MMS
Stead, Marsha Jo steadm@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8481)
Steele, Holly S. hsteele@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at CHS (360.596.8400)
Steele, Randy C. rsteele@osd.wednet.edu Robotics Teacher at MMS (360.596.7600)
Steen, Michael msteen@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Stehr, Caron L cstehr@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6408)
Steinkamp, Alex N. asteinkamp@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Stevenson, Ruth rstevenson@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Stevick, Autumn M. astevick@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7636)
Stevick, Cassidy A. casstevick@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Stevick, Clyde A. cstevick@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Stevick, Jesse C. jstevick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS (360.596.7317)
Stewart, Diane Longino dstewart@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8352)
Stewart, Leilani F. lstewart@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS, HES
Stewart, Susan M sstewart@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8497)
Stillwell, Susan sstillwell@osd.wednet.edu 1st/2nd Grade Teacher at MES (360.596.6342)
Stine, Michael G mgstine@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LES (360.596.6945)
Stivers, Zua zstivers@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7693)
Stock, Lisa K. lstock@osd.wednet.edu CHS, JMS, HES
Stone, Jill R. jstone@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Stottlemyre, Cathy cstottlemyre@osd.wednet.edu 3rd Grade at RES (360.596.6767)
Stottlemyre, Paula pstottlemyre@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at OSD (360.596.7530)
Straka, Susan sstraka@osd.wednet.edu CHS (360.596.6155)
Strand, Rebecca A. strandra@osd.wednet.edu Asst. Department Head at CHS (360.596.8007)
Stratton, Linda lstratton@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Stray, Jordan J. jstray@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Street, Caroline cstreet@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8263)
Streeter, Alexandra H. astreeter@osd.wednet.edu HES
Striplin, Brandan bstriplin@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Stuckey, Janet jstuckey@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7333)
Suchy, Carrie A. csuchy@osd.wednet.edu School Psychologist at MCKES (360.596.3012)
Sulfaro, Lonny J. lsulfaro@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OSD (360.596.8392)
Sully, Phyllis psully@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at PES (360.596.6568)
Sundsten, Kristin A. ksundsten@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Surprise, Quasar qsurprise@osd.wednet.edu AHS (360.596.7922)
Sutich, Wendy K.C wsutich@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8488)
Swan, Angela aswan@osd.wednet.edu MES, GES, BHES
Swank, Charles D. cswank@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Swank, Julie K. jswank@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Swanson, Kim L kimswanson@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at LPBES (360.596.6800)
Swanson, Nancy nswanson@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Sweet, Sarah L. ssweet@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Swett, Colleen Keefe cswett@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7467)
Swinkels, Kelli kswinkels@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7077)
Swinkels, Scott A. sswinkels@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Szumila, Jim jszumila@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC
Tafejian, Cheryl ctafejian@osd.wednet.edu 2nd Grade at RES (360.596.6786)
Tallman, Janet jtallman@osd.wednet.edu Fourth Grade Teacher at PES
Tash, Cynthia ctash@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3000)
Tate, Linda ltate@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Taylor, Ryan J. rjtaylor@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Teachout, Adam ateachout@osd.wednet.edu RMS (360.596.3485)
Tebeau, Pamela M. ptebeau@osd.wednet.edu Transition Coordinator at OSD (360.596.8000)
Tedder, Renee T. rtedder@osd.wednet.edu Physical Therapist at MES, CES
Temple, Megan mtemple@osd.wednet.edu Teacher (Visual Communications) at OHS (360.596.7082)
Terry, Jill M jterry@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES (360.596.6600)
Thacker, Brenda bthacker@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at PES (360.596.6569)
Thacker, Michi mthacker@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6457)
Tharp, Ian N. itharp@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Thedell, Kathleen A. kthedell@osd.wednet.edu Community Liason at AHS (360.596.7950)
Thedell, Todd tthedell@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at AHS (360.596.7954)
Thielen, Andrew P. athielen@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Thompson, Kathleen kithompson@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Thomson, Eileen ethomson@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Thornton, Todd tthornton@osd.wednet.edu CHS, SSC
Thorson, Laury lthorson@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3296)
Thuline, Keith E. kthuline@osd.wednet.edu Campus Security and Intervention at OHS (360.596.7000)
Thunell, Katherine A. kthunell@osd.wednet.edu Occupational Therapist at CES
Thurman, Mary mthurman@osd.wednet.edu Accounts Payable Specialist at OSD (360.596.6123)
Timm, Susan stimm@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MCL, MCLES (360.596.6689)
Tobias, Cindel K. ctobias@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Tolstyga-Mcgibbon, Claire cmcgibbon@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at AHS (360.596.7904)
Tomala, Leslie ltomala@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Tompkins, Annette M. atompkins@osd.wednet.edu MES
Toney, Kristen Marie ktoney@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at LPBES
Toyra, Kyle J. ktoyra@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Tracy, Kevin M. ktracy@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Tradewell, Carrie C ctradewell@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7400)
Tran, Van vtran@osd.wednet.edu MCKES
Trevorrow, Wendy S wtrevorrow@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6410)
Tripp, Rylee J. rtripp@students.osd.wednet.edu CHS
Troyer, Lauren J. ltroyer@osd.wednet.edu WMS
Trujillo, Rosella E. rtrujillo@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Trumm, Susan strumm@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7692)
Tullo, Angelo atullo@osd.wednet.edu SSC, MCKES
Turcotte, Katie kturcotte@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7047)
Turcotte, Kenneth L. klturcotte@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Turcotte, Mary L mturcotte@osd.wednet.edu Infant/Toddler Teacher at OSD (360.596.6800)
Turnbow, Marc mturnbow@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7336)
Tuvey, Vickie vtuvey@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3134)
Tynan, Clare ctynan@osd.wednet.edu Career & Tech Ed Administrative Professional at OSD (360.596.6107)
Uch, Sopheap such@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Underland, Brad bunderla@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7338)
Underwood, Jody junderwo@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7339)
Upton, Patty M. pupton@osd.wednet.edu MES
Urevig, Karla kurevig@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8256)
Valentine, Paul W. pvalentine@osd.wednet.edu LPN at OHS, RMS, MCKES, HES (360.596.7400)
Valz, Joan jvalz@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.3136)
Van Antwerp, Melissa S. mvanantwerp@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Vandiver, Brian bvandiv@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8266)
Vann-Thai, Ky A. kvannthai@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Vaughan, Austin B. avaughan@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Vaughn, Carol pvaughn@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Vay, Tosha tvay@osd.wednet.edu HES
Velasquez, Michael S. mvelasquez@osd.wednet.edu Principal at AHS (360.596.7905)
Venables, Marsha mvenables@osd.wednet.edu Second Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6538)
Vickers, Marilyn J. mvickers@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Victor-Lopez, Paula pvictor@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CHS (360.596.8192)
Vinciguerra, Mark mvinciguerra@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Violette, Cris cviolette@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Violette, Sarah sviolett@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7342)
Vitalich, Paula vitalichpe@osd.wednet.edu Middle School Food Services Manager at RMS (360.596.3407)
Pamela K. Vogt pvogt@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Voorhees, Julie A. jvoorhees@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at OSD (360.596.7546)
Wade, Jessica M. jwade@osd.wednet.edu 8th Grade JAMS Teacher at JMS (360.596.3276)
Wagaman, Amanda C. awagaman@osd.wednet.edu MMS
Wagner, Gary C. gwagner@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Waite, Jennifer A. jwaite@osd.wednet.edu Second Grade Teacher at GES (360.596.6900)
Waitt, Arron C. awaitt@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Waitt, Rebecca waittr@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Walhmark, Steven B swalhmark@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES (360.596.7481)
Walker, Cindi L. cwalker@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Walker, Melisa W. mwalker@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Walker-Tindall, Barbara bwalkert@osd.wednet.edu Infant/Toddler Teacher at OSD (360.596.6885)
Wall, Jim jwall@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Wall, Riley J. rwall@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Tim Walling twalling@osd.wednet.edu Food Service Delivery at SSC (360.596.7822)
Walsh, Alexis R. awalsh@students.osd.wednet.edu OSD
Walsh, Deborah dwalsh@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES (360.596.6371)
Walter, Michelle Gaye mwalter@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Professional at LPBES (360.596.6810)
Waltermeyer, Celeste A. cwaltermeyer@osd.wednet.edu Asst. Administrator at ORLA (360.596.7736)
Walton Kawasaki, Joy jwaltonkawasaki@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Ward, Jordan J jward@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.3000)
Ward, Michael A. mward@osd.wednet.edu PES
Warnick, Troy L. twarnick@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Warren, Krista kwarren@osd.wednet.edu ORLA, ORLA B (360.596.8000)
Washington, Justin L. jwashington@osd.wednet.edu LPBES, GES
Wasmundt, Sheryl swasmundt@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at OHS (360.596.7101)
Watson, Keitlyn kwatson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LPBES (360.596.6212)
Watters, Michael A. mwatters@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.7485)
Watts, Kathleen kwatts@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8267)
Weakley, Mel T. mweakley@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Weatherbee, Kayleen M. kweatherbee@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Weaver, Bethany G. bgweaver@osd.wednet.edu RES
Weber-Hindrup, Michele mweberhindrup@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Ashley L. Wedmore awedmore@osd.wednet.edu RES
Weed, Kristin kweed@osd.wednet.edu Montessori Teacher at ORLA (360.596.7758)
Weeks, Randell W. rweeks@osd.wednet.edu Principal at PES
Weeks, Sydni sweeks@osd.wednet.edu Counseling Office Professional at CHS (360.596.8027)
Wegele, Nicole nwegele@osd.wednet.edu CHS
Weiner, Matthew J. mweiner@osd.wednet.edu LES
Weisdepp, Connie cweisdepp@osd.wednet.edu AHS
Weisenfeld, Judie Ann jweisenfeld@osd.wednet.edu PES, MCKES, HES, CES
Welin, Kristin kwelin@osd.wednet.edu MES
Wells, Colleen cwells@osd.wednet.edu MMS (360.596.7672)
Welsh, Lindsay L. lwelsh@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at OHS
Welter, Denise K. dwelter@osd.wednet.edu SSC, HES
Welter, Dennis J. djwelter@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Welter, Lynn lwelter@osd.wednet.edu Second Grade Teacher at PES (360.596.6570)
Wentz, Brian bwentz@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7031)
Wernke, Sarah E. swernke@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Wesselman, Anita awesselman@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at MES (360.596.6310)
West, Donette donwest@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7343)
West, Monica mwest@osd.wednet.edu Principal at MCLES (360.596.6600)
West, Patricia pwest@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7004)
Westlund, Janetta Elizabeth jwestlund@osd.wednet.edu MCKES (360.596.8507)
Weza, Jason G. jweza@osd.wednet.edu OHS, AHS
Wheeler, James jwheeler@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CHS (360.596.8242)
Wheeler, Maribeth Moran mwheeler@osd.wednet.edu LES (360.596.6447)
White, Monica mwhite@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3276)
White, Sabrina L. swhite@osd.wednet.edu HES (360.596.7400)
Whiteman, Kimberly M. kwhiteman@osd.wednet.edu JMS, GES
Whittaker, Michelle T. mwhittaker@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Wilkinson, Victoria J. vwilkinson@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Williams, Dawn dawilliams@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS (360.596.7282)
Williams, Sara L. slwilliams@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Williams, Susan E. swilliams@osd.wednet.edu Literary Specialist at MCLES
Williamson, Ana Lucia awilliamson@osd.wednet.edu OSD (360.596.8450)
Willis, Lance B. lwillis@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Willis, Maryann mwillis@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7356)
Wilson, Camille D. cwilson@osd.wednet.edu ORLA
Wilson, Christine Y. cywilson@osd.wednet.edu HES
Wilson, Frank L. fwilson@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Wilson, Heidi Eve hwilson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at LPBES (360.596.6858)
Wilson, James T. jwilson@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Wilson, Michelle L. mlwilson@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Winkley, Nicole M. nwinkley@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at AHS
Wintercorn, Carol A cwintercorn@osd.wednet.edu Librarian at CES (360.596.8302)
Winters, Caitlin B. cwinters@osd.wednet.edu AHS
Witt, Rebecca M. rwitt@osd.wednet.edu CES
Wittenbrink, Karen Lynn kwittenbrink@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at MCL, MCLES (360.596.6662)
Wolfe, Sheryl L. shwolfe@osd.wednet.edu HES
Wolff, Ninee P. nwolff@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Wolpert, Joni jwolpert@osd.wednet.edu Executive Director of Student Support at OSD (360.596.7539)
Womer, Felicity fwomer@osd.wednet.edu BHES
Wood, Caitlin cwood@osd.wednet.edu JMS (360.596.3227)
Wood, Condee L. cowood@osd.wednet.edu Principal at MMS (360.596.3015)
Wood, Elizabeth elwood@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7357)
Woods, Chris cwoods@osd.wednet.edu Principal at CHS (360.596.8005)
Woods, Dana A. dwoods@osd.wednet.edu RES
Woods, Julie D. jwoods@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.7681)
Woods, Marsha marwoods@osd.wednet.edu 1st Grade at RES (360.596.6789)
Workman, Mike workmanmg@osd.wednet.edu SSC (360.596.7811)
Woslum, Brenna J. bwoslum@students.osd.wednet.edu HES
Wright, Alice wrightal@osd.wednet.edu Elementary School Food Services Manager at OSD (360.596.6607)
Wright, Brian bwright@osd.wednet.edu OHS (360.596.7358)
Wright, Danelle R. dwright@osd.wednet.edu CHS, WMS
Wright, Kevin kwright@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS (360.596.8271)
Wright, Laura lwright@osd.wednet.edu WMS (360.596.3138)
Wyborney, Cindy M. cwyborney@osd.wednet.edu MMS, RMS
Yamamoto, Mayumi myamamoto@osd.wednet.edu OSD
Yardley, Sarah N. syardley@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Yates, Tina M. tyates@osd.wednet.edu TRANSPORTATION, TRANS
Yonker, Amanda M. ayonker@osd.wednet.edu LPBES
Young, Amelia ayoung@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS
Young, Brenda byoung@osd.wednet.edu Elementary School Food Services Manager at LES (360.596.6407)
Young, Susan M. youngsm@osd.wednet.edu Middle School Lead at OSD (360.596.3007)
Youngs, Steven R. syoungs@osd.wednet.edu Teacher Consultant at ORLA (360.596.7753)
Yusko, Pamela P pyusko@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at GES (360.596.6968)
Zagorin, Bonnie bzagorin@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at RMS (360.596.3413)
Zapien, Luis A. lzapien@osd.wednet.edu SSC
Zarate, Mark Z. mzarate@osd.wednet.edu OHS
Zeigler, Aaron S azeigler@osd.wednet.edu Teacher Consultant at ORLA, HES (360.596.7732)
Zerby, Sarah Ellen szerby@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at OSD (360.596.6874)
Zieske, Amber N. azieske@osd.wednet.edu JMS
Zirpoli, Michael S. mzirpoli@osd.wednet.edu MES
Zlatanov, Vlatko vzlatanov@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, MES (360.596.6414)
LaRue, Jackie K. jlarue@osd.wednet.edu CES

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