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NameEmailPosition at Location (phone)
Baxter, Donna L. dobaxter@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Belson, Kendra P. kbelson@osd.wednet.edu OHS, BHES (360.596.7558)
Bogart, Roxanne Marie rbogart@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Assistant at BHES (360.596.6210)
Bond, Teresa tbond@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at GES, BHES
Bowden, Elizabeth B. ebowden@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Brotherton, Jennifer S. jbrotherton@osd.wednet.edu Principal/Curriculum Director at BHES (360.596.6205)
Chavez, Kanina Marie kchavez@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at BHES (360.596.6261)
Cole, Christy A. ccole@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Teacher at BHES
Cunning, Andrea N. acunning@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at BHES
DeBuse-Losh, Mikel M. mdebuselosh@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at BHES (360.596.6200)
Grostick, Randy rgrostick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at ORLA, RMS, RES, MES, BHES (360.596.3456)
Hamill, Audrey E. ahamill@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Hazel, Matt C. mhazel@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Holder, Keith kholder@osd.wednet.edu 5th Grade Band Teacher at JMS, LPBES, GES, BHES (360.596.3273)
Jackson, Cheryl cjackson@osd.wednet.edu Food Services at BHES
Kauffman, Darcy L. dkauffman@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at BHES
Koeppen, Kristi L. kkoeppen@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at BHES
Loes, Eden M. eloes@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at BHES
Macejunas, Angela H. amacejunas@osd.wednet.edu PE Teacher at LPBES, BHES
Mitchell, Pamela A. pmitchell@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at CES, BHES
Myers, Heather R. hmyers@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES (360.596.6252)
Neely, Mary Marie mneely@osd.wednet.edu Social Services Coordinator at MCKES, BHES (360.596.8404)
Nunez, Camille O. cnunez@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at BHES
Peach, Joel jpeach@osd.wednet.edu PES, BHES
Post, Margaret M. mpost@osd.wednet.edu Teacher-Librarian at BHES
Rants, Mary Jane mjrants@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Ray, Jennifer C. jcray@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Shipowick, Tara L. tshipowick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES
Spencer, Tara tspencer@osd.wednet.edu RES, MCKES, GES, BHES (360.596.8527)
Stasium, Roxanne rstasium@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at BHES
Stratton, Linda lstratton@osd.wednet.edu Custodial at BHES (360.596.6223)
Strobin, Alexandra J. astrobin@osd.wednet.edu Para at BHES
Swan, Angela aswan@osd.wednet.edu MES, GES, BHES
Walker, Melisa W. mwalker@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES (360.596.6253)
Womer, Felicity fwomer@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at BHES (360.596.6224)
Wyman, Jessica L. jwyman@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at BHES
Zapien, Luis A. lzapien@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, ORLA, TRANS, AHS, BHES

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