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NameEmailPosition at Location (phone)
Anderson, Cami Louise andersoc@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8355)
Askew, Lisa Kathleen laskew@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8387)
Balderston, Carolyn D. cbalderston@osd.wednet.edu Autism Teacher at CES (360.596.8365)
Barashkoff, Maria Sophia mbarashkoff@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES
Barnes, Tamara tbarnes@osd.wednet.edu School Psychologist at CES (360.596.8304)
Berhitoe, Ineke Saulina iberhitoe@osd.wednet.edu ELL Teacher at CES
Camus, Susan Anne scamus@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CES (360.596.8356)
Carlson, Leanne D. lcarlson@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES (360.596.8364)
Castro, Allazai T. acastro@osd.wednet.edu Americorps 2017-18 at CES
Chiaravalloti, Joe jchiaravalloti@osd.wednet.edu Technology at WMS, TRANSPORTATION, TRANS, MCKES, CES
Copeland, Amanda B. acopeland@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES
Corrick, Jeffrey Shawn jcorrick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8349)
Craig, John jcraig@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, CES (360.596.7825)
Currie, Laura Ululani lcurrie@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8366)
Dooley, Cindra Christine cdooley@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES
Doughty, Kimberly L kdoughty@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at HES, CES (360.596.7574)
Dunn, Mary Kaye dunnmk@osd.wednet.edu Paraeductor at CES (360.596.8374)
Eldridge, Connie L. celdridge@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES (360.596.8378)
Elliott, Regina M. relliott@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES
Evans, Melanie J mevans@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8386)
Gedde, Jana jgedde@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8348)
Gehlen Delude, Barbara D. bgehlendelude@osd.wednet.edu Speech Services at CES
Goode, Christine J. cgoode@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8351)
Hall, Michelle mhall@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES
Hayes, Melissa L. mhayes@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8383)
Hendrix, Laura A. lhendrix@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES
Johnson, Patricia L. pjohnson@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES
Kapsandy, Julie jkapsandy@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8357)
Kehoe, Arly R. akehoe@osd.wednet.edu Kitchen Staff at CES
King, Travis P. tking@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES (360.596.8369)
Kresse, Rachael M. rkresse@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES
Lagerwey, Trisha J. tlagerwey@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES
Leach, Lynda D lleach@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8362)
Lee-O'Neil, Bryann Nicole bleeoneil@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8375)
Loague, Nathaniel S. nloague@osd.wednet.edu Para at CES
Martin, Elizabeth A. emartin@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8373)
McGraw, Rebecca M. rmcgraw@osd.wednet.edu OHS, CES
Miller, Karen E millerke@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8367)
Miner, MaryKay C. mminer@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8377)
Mitchell, Pamela A. pmitchell@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at CES, BHES
My, Chhum myc@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, CES
Norelius, Kristine L. knorelius@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at CES (360.596.8388)
Nye, Richard S. rnye@osd.wednet.edu Asst. Principal at HES, CES
Olsen, Amy aolsen@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES
Lasher-Olsen, Rosalind Ruth rolsen@osd.wednet.edu Administrative Professional at CES (360.596.8310)
Paxton, Ruth Antoinette rpaxton@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES
Pearce, Adam R. apearce@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8395)
Peterson, Lisa Coy lipeterson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8363)
Pierson, Sherri Lynn piersonsh@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES (360.596.8379)
Rethwill, Michele Dawn mrethwill@osd.wednet.edu Office Professional at CES (360.596.8311)
Rethwill, Olivia L. orethwill@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES
Richardson, Carol C.S crichardson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at HES, CES (360.596.7480)
Ricks, Mary Beth mricks@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES (360.596.8368)
Rinker, Elaine M. erinker@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8385)
Ritter, Shannon L. sritter@osd.wednet.edu Principal at CES (360.596.8305)
Roedell, Anita R. aroedell@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8358)
Ryle, Wendy M. wryle@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES
Santiago-Gronka, Gisella gsantiagogronka@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES
Schmidtzinsky, Amalie M. aschmidtzinsky@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at CES
Slater, Heather K. hslater@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8302)
Sorrell, Lisa M. lsorrell@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8350)
Stafford, Janice jstafford@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at CES (360.596.7555)
Stewart, Diane Longino dstewart@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES (360.596.8352)
Thies, Patricia A. pthies@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CES
Trujillo, Brian G. btrujillo@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at CES

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