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NameEmailPosition at Location (phone)
Aaron, Halli E. haaron@osd.wednet.edu Special Education Teacher at MES (360.596.6317)
Arnett, Mimi marnett@osd.wednet.edu OHS, MES, GES (360.596.8189)
Briese, Joanna E. jbriese@osd.wednet.edu MES
Cahill, Jessica L. jcahill@osd.wednet.edu Para-educator at MES
Cheeka, Rachel K. rcheeka@osd.wednet.edu Para-educator at MES
Cobena, Luis A. lcobena@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, AHS, MES
Cubias, Jeannie jcubias@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES
Dowers, Leah M. ldowers@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS, MES, MCLES, LPBES, HES, GES (360.596.8262)
Duncan, Jessica L. jduncan@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES, GES (360.596.6363)
Estcourt, Lisa A. lestcourt@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES (360.596.6341)
Faulk, Chelsea C. cfaulk@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES
Fierro, Jayme L. jfierro@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES, GES (360.596.6362)
Froelicher, Karin kfroelicher@osd.wednet.edu SLP at MES (360.596.6340)
Gibbs, Julie D. jgibbs@osd.wednet.edu AM Kindergarten Teacher at MES (360.596.6357)
Gowell, Leslie M. lgowell@osd.wednet.edu MES
Grostick, Randy rgrostick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at ORLA, RMS, RES, MES, BHES (360.596.3456)
Hicks, Christopher D. chicks@students.osd.wednet.edu Americorp at MES
Hildreth, Elizabeth M. ehildreth@osd.wednet.edu Secretary at MES
Holm, Anne K. (Kirsten) aholm@osd.wednet.edu Para-educator at MES
Holmeide, Jenny jholmeide@osd.wednet.edu 1st Grade Teacher at MES (360.596.6346)
Jonas-Silver, Toni S. tjonassilver@students.osd.wednet.edu Americorp at MES
Lampe-Martin, Ian ilampemartin@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES
Lantz, Leif llantz@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES
Lantz, Sarah slantz@osd.wednet.edu AmeriCorps 2017-18 at MES
Leicht, Pam leichtp@osd.wednet.edu Preschool Pareducator at MES (360.596.6329)
Livingston, William R. wlivingston@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES
Lull, Caitlynn M. clull@osd.wednet.edu Americorp at MES
MacLurg, Kimberly L. kmaclurg@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at MES
Maycumber, Jackie jmaycumber@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at MES (360.596.6374)
McCowan, Keary Laverne kmccowan@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at MES (360.596.6300)
McGinnis, Jennifer A. jmcginnis@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at MES
McManus, Lyndsay M. lmcmanus@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES (360.596.6304)
Meyer, Anne M. ameyer@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at MES
Milillo, Kallia A. kmilillo@osd.wednet.edu Reading Corps at MES
Moore, Jennifer J. jemoore@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES
Neely, Michele neelyml@osd.wednet.edu Pre-School Teacher at MES (360.596.6353)
Nelson, Timothy J. tnelson@osd.wednet.edu SSC, MES
Nibler-Keogh, Jane jniblerkeogh@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at MES
Pong, Mary K. mpong@osd.wednet.edu Teacher-Librarian at MES
Poppe, Rebecca L. rpoppe@osd.wednet.edu Reading Corps at MES
Retherford, Lindsay A. lretherford@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES (360.596.6364)
Samuelson, Teresa L. tsamuelson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES
Schweickert, Cassie A. cschweickert@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES (360.596.6314)
Simister, Connie R. csimister@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at MES
Skipworth, Heather L. hskipworth@osd.wednet.edu Para-educator at MES
Spatola-Knoll, Domenico dsknoll@osd.wednet.edu Principal at MES (360.596.6305)
Stillwell, Susan sstillwell@osd.wednet.edu 1st/2nd Grade Teacher at MES (360.596.6342)
Swan, Angela aswan@osd.wednet.edu MES, GES, BHES
Terry, Jill M jterry@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES (360.596.6359)
Upton, Patty M. pupton@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES
Welin, Kristin kwelin@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES (360.596.6358)
Wesselman, Anita awesselman@osd.wednet.edu Admin Professional at MES (360.596.6310)
Yap, Amber A.L. ayap@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at MES
Zlatanov, Vlatko vzlatanov@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, AHS, MES (360.596.6414)

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