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NameEmailPosition at Location (phone)
Bartlett, Brett A. bbartlett@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3467)
Benson, Tamsen S. tbenson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3374)
Crawford, Antoinette K. acrawford@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3457)
Daulton, Anne M. adaulton@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3478)
Davis, Aaron C. adavis@osd.wednet.edu Principal at RMS (360.596.3405)
Forte, Jennifer jforte@osd.wednet.edu Coach at RMS
Grostick, Randy rgrostick@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at ORLA, RMS, RES, MES, BHES (360.596.3456)
Gunther, Kevin kgunther@osd.wednet.edu Teacher / Coach at RMS
Henderson, Do dhenderson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3464)
Hiatt, Mary mhiatt@osd.wednet.edu SSC, RMS
Hudson, Katherine khudson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3415)
Huff, Sean C. shuff@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3414)
Hunter, Katie A. khunter@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS
Johnson, Heidi L. hjohnson@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS
Jones, Janette jajones@osd.wednet.edu Admin Professional at RMS (360.596.3466)
Jones, Thomas L. II tljones@osd.wednet.edu Coach at RMS
Kardokus, Carmen S. ckardokus@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3455)
Kaufman, Christine M. ckaufman@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Keyt, Sandra skeyt@osd.wednet.edu Food Service at RMS
Kievit, Karen kkievit@osd.wednet.edu MMS, RMS (360.596.7632)
Knutzen, Darla E. dknutzen@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3463)
Kwangwanh, Keo kkwangwanh@osd.wednet.edu SSC, RMS
Land, Beth bethland@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3452)
Mallalieu, Chris cmallalieu@osd.wednet.edu RMS
Mallalieu, Kathy kmallalieu@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3449)
Marx, Viola G. vmarx@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS (360.596.3000)
Matern, Cheryl D. cmatern@osd.wednet.edu CHS, JMS, WMS, OHS, MMS, AHS, RMS (360.596.6133)
Mattingly, Daniel W. dmattingly@osd.wednet.edu Coach at RMS
McGovern, Karen kmcgovern@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS (360.596.3413)
McGuire, Shawn R. smcguire@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3360)
Ottavelli, Deanna dottavelli@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3475)
Ottoboni, Dianna dottoboni@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS (360.596.3476)
Parks, Geoff D. gparks@osd.wednet.edu Principal at RMS (360.596.3405)
Phimister, Ross S. rphimister@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS
Plahuta, Marilyn mplahuta@osd.wednet.edu School Psychologist at RMS (360.596.3450)
Puntillo, Carrie N. cpuntillo@osd.wednet.edu SLP at RMS
Quimby, Katie A. kquimby@osd.wednet.edu Teacher-Librarian at RMS
Ramsay-Werts, Stefanie E. sramsaywerts@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3488)
Richart, Anna arichart@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3479)
Rowswell, Thomas M. trowswell@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS
Schooler, Joan jschooler@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3483)
Sebring, William L. wsebring@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3400)
Shriver, Alex J. ashriver@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS
Smith, Clark A. casmith@osd.wednet.edu Coach at RMS
Smith, Lori lsmith@osd.wednet.edu Admin Professional at RMS (360.596.3410)
Smith, Sherman shsmith@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3484)
Stave, Brian J. bstave@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3459)
Teachout, Adam ateachout@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3485)
Tomala, Leslie ltomala@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS
Valentine, Paul W. pvalentine@osd.wednet.edu LPN at OHS, RMS, MCKES (360.596.7400)
Vitalich, Paula vitalichpe@osd.wednet.edu Middle School Food Services Manager at RMS (360.596.3407)
Vrieze, Amber R. avrieze@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3481)
Watrich, Elizabeth A. ewatrich@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS
Watters, Michael A. mwatters@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at RMS (360.596.3487)
Weeks, Randell W. rweeks@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at OHS, RMS
Yardley, Sarah N. syardley@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at RMS
Zarate, Karen kzarate@osd.wednet.edu Principal at RMS (360.596.3412)

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