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NameEmailPosition at Location (phone)
AguonMang, Devyna M. daguonmang@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at WMS
Allison, Greg gallison@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3102)
Anders, Paul panders@osd.wednet.edu Principal at WMS (360.596.3005)
Arevalo, Chantal S. csarevalo@osd.wednet.edu Coach at WMS
Arevalo, Daniel Sr. darevalosr@osd.wednet.edu Coach at WMS
Arevalo, Daniel Jr. darevalojr@osd.wednet.edu Coach at WMS
Balikov, Susan E. sbalikov@osd.wednet.edu Coach / Sub. Paraeducator at WMS
Baranski, John jbaranski@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3077)
Bloom, Connie cbloom@osd.wednet.edu Nurse at WMS
Boe, Jodi jboe@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3109)
Boe, Joshua D. joboe@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Bond, Thomas H. thbond@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3036)
Brewer, Timothy tbrewer@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.7768)
Brown, Stacy E. sbrown@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS, MCKES (360.596.3070)
Brungardt, Johanna J. jbrungardt@osd.wednet.edu SLP at WMS (360.596.3086)
Burris, Debra dburris@osd.wednet.edu Office Professional at WMS (360.596.3011)
Burroughs, Candyce cburroughs@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3111)
Carlson, Kay M. kmcarlson@osd.wednet.edu Food Service at WMS
Charette, Melissa V. mcharette@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3095)
Chiaravalloti, Joe jchiaravalloti@osd.wednet.edu Technology at WMS, TRANSPORTATION, TRANS, MCKES, CES
Clear, Arlene aclear@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3114)
Coyner, Marc A. mcoyner@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3149)
Cramblit, Lisa A. lcramblit@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Cusack, Tracy tcusack@osd.wednet.edu Counselor at WMS
Damitio, Maureen E. mdamitio@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Davidson, Cynthia L. cdavidson@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Duerre, Sherry L. sduerre@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3087)
Erwin, Shawn C. serwin@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Fisher, Alison M. afisher@osd.wednet.edu Admin Professional at WMS (360.596.3080)
Fisher, Shaila sfisher@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Foit, Erik N. efoit@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3088)
Gahm, Reilly A. rgahm@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at WMS
Gallacher, Kellen kgallacher@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3117)
Gallacher, Kylie J. Cusack kjgallacher@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3092)
Grady, Adam S. agrady@osd.wednet.edu SSC, WMS
Griggs, Don dgriggs@osd.wednet.edu SSC, WMS
Groenewal, Tom tgroenewal@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3073)
Gutierrez, Raymond V. rgutierrez@osd.wednet.edu Dean of Students at WMS (360.596.3083)
Gutierrez, RoAnn R. rogutierrez@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3071)
Hedin-Baughn, Christie chedin-baughn@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Herseth, Lauren E. leherseth@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Hjelm, Norm C. nhjelm@osd.wednet.edu Coach at WMS
Holstrom, Kristin M. kholstrom@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.8393)
Jarmon, Courtney M. cjarmon@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Jorgenson, Denise K. jorgensondk@osd.wednet.edu Middle School Manager at WMS (360.596.3007)
Larson, Laurel A. llarson@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Leeper, Patti pleeper@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3123)
Livingstone, Melia R. mlivingstone@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Matern, Cheryl D. cmatern@osd.wednet.edu CHS, JMS, WMS, OHS, MMS, AHS, RMS (360.596.6133)
Mathis, Mary mmathis@osd.wednet.edu Teacher-Librarian at WMS (360.596.3002)
McAuley, Derek H. dmcauley@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS (360.596.3000)
McDougall, Julie jmcdoug@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.7663)
Meeker, William E. wmeeker@osd.wednet.edu Psychologist - Contracted SPED at WMS
Meyers, Paula pmeyers@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Mikler, Alexandra M. amikler@osd.wednet.edu Coach at WMS
Min, Sophath smin@osd.wednet.edu Custodian at SSC, WMS
Montgomery, Cassandra L. cmontgomery@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3094)
Morris, Brian bmorris@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3124)
Motiejaitis, Danute Z. dmotiejaitis@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS
Pasquariello, Annette apasquariello@osd.wednet.edu Assistant Principal at WMS (360.596.3015)
Perry, Audrey aperry@osd.wednet.edu Teacher (Science) at WMS (360.596.3016)
Pong, Ed epong@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3076)
Quinn, Toby A. taquinn@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3089)
Randich, Jeffrey R. jrrandich@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3098)
Reinhart, Gretchen J. greinhart@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Rorem, David drorem@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3129)
Sartori, Katherine H. ksartori@osd.wednet.edu Teacher (Orchestra) at WMS, MCKES (360.596.3090)
Savinski, Katie E. ksavinski@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Schofield, Aaron L. aschofield@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3113)
Schultz, Conner B. cschultz@osd.wednet.edu Para-educator / Coach at WMS, OHS
Sembroski, Kirsten K. ksembroski@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3093)
Shea, Cathy cshea@osd.wednet.edu Admin Professional at WMS (360.596.3010)
St. Louis, Rick rstlouis@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Swinkels, Scott A. sswinkels@osd.wednet.edu Paraeducator at WMS
Tash, Cynthia ctash@osd.wednet.edu Para Educator at WMS (360.596.3148)
Thunell, Katherine A. kthunell@osd.wednet.edu Occupational Therapist at WMS
Troyer, Lauren J. ltroyer@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3074)
Tuvey, Vickie vtuvey@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3134)
Viggers, Gary A. gviggers@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS
Woods, Julie D. jwoods@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3024)
Wright, Danelle R. dwright@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at CHS, WMS (360.596.3097)
Wright, Laura lwright@osd.wednet.edu Teacher at WMS (360.596.3138)

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