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Anderson Murphy, Amy M. aandersonmurphy@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6900
Anthony, Suzanne S. santhony@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6800
Arnett, Mimi marnett@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.8189
Auch-Kness, Yosha E. yauchkness@osd.wednet.edu
Beard, Brooke C. bbeard@osd.wednet.edu
Beattie, Kathryn kbeattie@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6977
Bolles, Rebecca rbolles@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.7562
Buchholz, Janet L. jbuchholz@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6909
Burkett, Darla K. dburkett@osd.wednet.edu
Byrd, Amanda C. abyrd@osd.wednet.edu
Charles, Ben L. bcharles@osd.wednet.edu
Chase, Nancy nchase@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6907
Chertok, Brendon bchertok@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6905
Clark, Lindsay K. lclark@osd.wednet.edu
Cortes, Cecilia ccortes@osd.wednet.edu
Cortes, Mayra A. mcortes@osd.wednet.edu
Davidson, Alex M. adavidson@osd.wednet.edu
Day, Luca S. lday@osd.wednet.edu
Dowers, Leah M. ldowers@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.8262
Dunbar, Caitlin J. cdunbar@osd.wednet.edu
Duncan, Jessica L. jduncan@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6363
Fagerness, Vicki vfagerness@osd.wednet.edu
Fernandez, Nicole R. nrfernandez@osd.wednet.edu
Fierro, Jayme L. jfierro@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6362
Finney, Jason Joseph jfinney@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6952
Fitzgerald, Brandy bfitzgerald@osd.wednet.edu
Fowble, Suzanne T. sfowble@osd.wednet.edu
Gendlek, Christine Anne cgendlek@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6955
George, Cassandra M. cgeorge@osd.wednet.edu
Glenn, Mary (Lena) mlglenn@osd.wednet.edu
Greene, Kymberly A. kgreene@osd.wednet.edu
Grendon, Lori logrendon@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6900
Haynes, Sharaya L. shaynes@osd.wednet.edu
Hendrick, Kaylen D. khendrick@osd.wednet.edu
Hershey, Yu Fang yfhershey@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6900
Hicks, Sheila M shicks@osd.wednet.edu
Hoffmann, Katherine N. khoffmann@osd.wednet.edu
Holder, Keith kholder@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3273
Horn, Julia B. jhorn@osd.wednet.edu
Hursey, Jackie R jhursey@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6653
Infante, Elizabeth einfante@osd.wednet.edu
Kamminga, Suzette E. skamminga@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6976
Ketcham, Joan E. jketcham@osd.wednet.edu
Kim-Zaccagnini, Linda Hahn lzaccagnini@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6911
Kingsley, Linda E. lkingsley@osd.wednet.edu
Kubit, Braden T. bkubit@osd.wednet.edu
LaFave, Brooke E. blafave@osd.wednet.edu
Lehman, Patricia plehman@osd.wednet.edu
Lotton, Donna F. dlotton@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6981
Maitland, Fiona L. fmaitland@osd.wednet.edu
Maurer, Michelle mmaurer@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6900
McIntosh, Jeremy R. jmcintosh@osd.wednet.edu
Meadows, Taylor K. tmeadows@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6985
Miller, Michelle A. mamiller@osd.wednet.edu
Morettini, Mia L. mmorettini@osd.wednet.edu
Morrill, Melissa C. mmorrill@osd.wednet.edu
Mullen, Jennifer R. jmullen@osd.wednet.edu
Orr, Bethany M. borr@osd.wednet.edu
Orwig, Michell Denae miorwig@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6900
Otonicar Mock, Tara A. totonicar@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6950
Peters, Kathleen kpeters@osd.wednet.edu
Pigue, Denise M. dpigue@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6600
Porter, Rebecca J. rporter@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6962
Price, Phyllis J. pprice@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6908
Quinn, Pamela D. pquinn@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.7564
Rathi, Rupali rrathi@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6900
Reinemer, Rosetta rreinemer@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6910
Rogan, Erin N. erogan@osd.wednet.edu
Roper, Preston C. proper@osd.wednet.edu
Roques, Adrien M. aroques@osd.wednet.edu
Ryle, Amanda J. ajryle@osd.wednet.edu
Sampson, Debbie S. dsampson@osd.wednet.edu
Seals-Steere, Karin L. ksealssteere@osd.wednet.edu
Sheafe, Lisbeth lsheafe@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6965
Sjoboen, Molly E. mesjoboen@osd.wednet.edu
Slininger, Karen L. kslininger@osd.wednet.edu
Snyder, Nathaniel C. nsnyder@osd.wednet.edu
Sodhi, Karen H ksodhi@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6600
Spencer, Tara tspencer@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.8527
Terry, Joyce A. jaterry@osd.wednet.edu
Thacher, Jennifer W. jthacher@osd.wednet.edu
Todd, Jennifer A. jtodd@osd.wednet.edu
Turbeville, Maria C. mturbeville@osd.wednet.edu
Turnell, Grace A. gturnell@osd.wednet.edu
Walhmark, Steven B swalhmark@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6904
Cambria R. Weinshilboum-Warfield cweinshilboumwarfield@osd.wednet.edu
White, Linda A. lwhite@osd.wednet.edu
Whiteman, Kimberly M. kwhiteman@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6987

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