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Anderson, Burke banderson@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3267
Ang, Ferd R. fang@osd.wednet.edu
Baker, Donald dbaker@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3271
Beck, Alan R. abeck@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3232
Bickel, Karen kbickel@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3219
Boysen, Ericka eboysen@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3265
Bozeman, Nadine E. nbozeman@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3212
Bronemann, Ivy D. ibronemann@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3213
Buck, Martha S. mbuck@osd.wednet.edu
Burch, Barbara A. bburch@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3207
Burke, Paula pburke@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3264
Chamberlain, Caleb P. cchamberlain@osd.wednet.edu
Chapman, Michael S. mchapman@osd.wednet.edu
Chernoff, John P. jchernoff@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.7019
Cimino, Michael mcimino@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3330
Corkum, Brenda M. bcorkum@osd.wednet.edu
Daley, Jaime P. jdaley@osd.wednet.edu
DeBruyne, Luanne M. ldebruyne@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3268
Dean, Jana jdean@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3270
Durant, Betsy J. bdurant@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3210
Estep, Kristina M. kestep@osd.wednet.edu
Friddle, Whitney S. wfriddle@osd.wednet.edu
Graham, Athena L. agraham@osd.wednet.edu
Gufler, Deborah dgufler@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.7585
Halmos, Katherine khalmos@osd.wednet.edu
Holder, Keith kholder@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3273
Howe, Sarah A. sahowe@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3291
Hughes, Wendy L whughes@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3275
Infante, Elizabeth einfante@osd.wednet.edu
Johnson, Aleda ajohnson@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.8191
Johnson, Vicki L. vjohnson@osd.wednet.edu
Loesch, Amy D. aloesch@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3217
Luper, Melissa J. mluper@osd.wednet.edu
Matern, Cheryl D. cmatern@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6133
McConnell, Colleen M. cmcconnell@osd.wednet.edu
Mewhirter, Linda M. lmewhirter@Osd.wednet.edu
Miller, Michelle A. mamiller@osd.wednet.edu
Moore, Jonathan I. jomoore@osd.wednet.edu
Moreno, Michelle J. mmoreno@osd.wednet.edu
Musser, Debra Lynn dmusser@osd.wednet.edu
My, Sok mys@osd.wednet.edu
Normoyle, Eli enormoyle@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3293
Osborne, Bethany L. bosborne@osd.wednet.edu
Paquet, Julie R jpaquet@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3207
Pasquariello, Daniel W. dpasquariello@osd.wednet.edu
Peck, Jamie M. jpeck@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3200
Pulsipher, Tracy P. tpulsipher@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3279
Ratcliff, Heather J. hratcliff@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3211
Ratliff, Ann Marie aratliff@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3202
Regester, Ross rregester@osd.wednet.edu
Ring, Jeremy L. jring@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3269
Ritchie, Tom tritchie@osd.wednet.edu
Seals-Steere, Karin L. ksealssteere@osd.wednet.edu
Seig, Kim kseig@osd.wednet.edu
Sipher, Travis K. tsipher@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.8207
Smith, Kristi ksmith@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3295
Smith, Lacey O. losmith@osd.wednet.edu
Smolinsky, Mindy M. msmolinsky@osd.wednet.edu
Swisher, Kaitlin N. kswisher@osd.wednet.edu
Wade, Jessica M. jwade@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3276
Weisenburg, Danita L. dweisenburg@osd.wednet.edu
White, Monica mwhite@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3276
Whiteman, Kimberly M. kwhiteman@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6987
Wood, Caitlin cwood@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3227
Zieske, Amber N. azieske@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.3249
Zopolis, Jim jzopolis@osd.wednet.edu

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