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Backman, Julie J. jbackman@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6511
Barber, Laura lbarber@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6551
Boyle, Brandon R. brboyle@osd.wednet.edu
Cereghino, Jan jcereghi@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6553
Cereghino, Julia M. juliacereghino@osd.wednet.edu
Churgin, Laura R. lchurgin@osd.wednet.edu
Conley, Brandi L. bconley@osd.wednet.edu
DeFant, Ryan J. rdefant@osd.wednet.edu
DeSelle-Milam, Jennifer L. jdesellemilam@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6548
Delorie, Rianna J. rdelorie@osd.wednet.edu
Hammer, Denise A. dhammer@osd.wednet.edu
Harris, Susan M. sharris@osd.wednet.edu
Helmer, Kimari A. khelmer@osd.wednet.edu
Hill, Amy M. ahill@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6549
Hodges, Bob C. bhodges@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6595
Hoover, Joshua J. jhoover@osd.wednet.edu
Hougan, Karen Eliz. Keck khougan@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6535
Hughes, Danielle L. dhughes@osd.wednet.edu
Hulzebos, Kimberly L. khulzebos@osd.wednet.edu
Jernigan, Rhonda D. rjernigan@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6554
Johnson, Cindy cjohnson1@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6558
Kiers, Denise J. dkiers@osd.wednet.edu
Kilborn, Kirsten R. kkilborn@osd.wednet.edu
Kremer, Cheryl L. ckremer@osd.wednet.edu
Lang, Joel P. jlang@osd.wednet.edu
Lopez, Kassandra klopez@osd.wednet.edu
Major, Nancy A. nmajor@osd.wednet.edu
Martin, Jennifer jmartin@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6557
McQueen, Annette amcqueen@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6563
Mullin, Sean P. smullin@osd.wednet.edu
Muzatko, Robyn rmuzatko@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6539
Nasrallah, Jacob O. jnasrallah@osd.wednet.edu
Nelson, Martina D. C. mnelson@osd.wednet.edu
O'Brien, Kathy kobrien@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6500
O'Donnell, Suzette sodonnell@osd.wednet.edu
Ohlson, Lauren R. lohlson@osd.wednet.edu
Olson-Neidhardt, Kristi A. kolsonneidhardt@osd.wednet.edu
Paquet, Steven I. spaquet@osd.wednet.edu
Peach, Joel jpeach@osd.wednet.edu
Perry, Lisa lperry@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6514
Raben, Laurie lraben@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6541
Raedel, Holly Ann hraedel@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6512
Schori, Melinda schorima@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6507
Schutte, Amy D. aschutte@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6542
Shanafelt, Julie A. jshanafelt@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6510
Smith, Susan L. slsmith@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6545
Smith, Vicki vsmith@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.7567
Smythe, Starr ssmythe@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6360
Snyder, Jeff jsnyder@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6566
Spohn, Nancy nspohn@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6567
Sully, Phyllis psully@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6568
Swanstrom, Kathleen A. kswanstrom@osd.wednet.edu
Tallman, Janet jtallman@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6550
Tedford, Ineka K. itedford@osd.wednet.edu
Thacker, Brenda bthacker@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6569
Vaughan, Austin B. avaughan@osd.wednet.edu
Venables, Marsha mvenables@osd.wednet.edu 360.596.6538
Walker, Cindi L. cwalker@osd.wednet.edu
Witt, Rebecca M. rwitt@osd.wednet.edu

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